Friday, December 31, 2010

Fancy Meeting You Here

My parents  have the boys for two days.  TWO DAYS.  And instead of doing as I normally do and taking on 674 projects my only project has been to blog.  Well that and to hang out with my niece.  My house is ALL boys ALL THE TIME, so it will be very nice to have some girl time.  Especially sweet two year old girl time.  
So I took myself off to a coffee house to blog.  This is the first time I have done this.  But Way Cooler’s dumb laptop won’t accept the lovely free wifi.  And blogging on a iPad makes me grumpy.  My fat fingers keep messing up all the keys.  SO, I am writing in a word document and will cut and paste later.  
So, how was your Christmas?  Actually, how was your December?  I KNOW.  I haven’t blogged in a month.  The words are there, it’s finding the time and the energy to get them onto the laptop that we are struggling with.
Our Christmas was fantastic.  Low key, just the way we like it.  Way Cooler had to work Christmas Eve but this is something that our shift working family takes in stride.  Both my parents were shift workers, my brother is a shift worker, you learn to celebrate when and how you can.  And it is good.
This year Way Cooler and I exchanged presents, we don’t always but the boy needed a remote car starter for the cold nights when he gets off at 4:00 in the morning and his wife wanted a dutch oven.  He asked what it was for and when I told him Soups and stews I know that he loved me when he still bought it.  Way Cooler doesn’t classify either really as food.  
Spud’s deepest desires were met when my parents gave him a plastic figurine of a green alien from Toy Story.  I thought the boy was going to jump out of his skin he was so excited.  I think he talked about that thing the entire Christmas morning and he went to sleep the figurine clutched in his pudgy little hand.
Sprout on the other hand did not get all his wishes come true as the home made pajamas his Nana gave them were of Sesame Street and not Toy Story and so a young man had a heart to heart with his mother that may have contained this parenting nugget, “if you aren’t thankful I will give all your toys away.”  It was a rather idle threat, but he did not sense that and the evil behaviour ceased and desisted. 
All in all our December was lovely, full of good things and the people we really like and we cannot wait for the excitement a new year brings.  How about you?