Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tomorrow is my baby sister's birthday.  Many of you know her as Momofthecrazies in my comments.  I like to call her crazy for short.

I was thinking of doing a touching tribute to her.  One where I listed how great she is, how blessed I am to have her as a sister, how she is my rock in the midst of the craziness that is mothering toddlers, basically where I told the world how wonderful she is.

But what's the fun in that?

Instead I am going to tell you a little story.

About a year and a half ago we got sucked in the vortex that is the blogging world.  We only read them, but whenever we encountered a good one we'd let send each other an email with a link encouraging them to check it out.

When I started this blog last September I didn't really tell anyone.  I just started.  A few days later I sent my sister an e-mail telling her  to check this one out.  So she did.  She had read it for a few days and then she read this post.  

She realized she had read this list before.  It was in an email I had sent her.  She called me all aflutter that I was being plagiarized.  She left me a message to call her back right away.

It took a few more minutes for the light to come on.

So, when people ask me if I am worried that my real identity will be found out, I must confess, that if my own sister couldn't figure it out, I'm probably safe.

Although after sharing that story with the internet, safe may be relative.  Beware the wrath of crazy.

Love ya, little sis.  Happy Birthday.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The other day while walking home from Pre-school Spud turned to me and said "Mommy, from now on you can call me sir.  Because I am a man now."

I looked at my four year old in his little boy crewcut, his velcro sneakers, a sparkle in his eye and a song on his lips and I laughed before I could help it.

Then I blinked and there before me stood a 14 year old who needed a haircut, holes in his shoes, acne on his chin and a song in his I-pod.  I sighed.

I blinked again and there stood a 24 year old with a new haircut, shiny shoes, a rose in his lapel and a song in his heart as he watched his bride approach her knight.  I think I may have cried.

"Honey, I will never call you Sir, but when you are a man, I pray she will."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost in Translation

A couple of weeks ago I bought Spud a lace-up game at a consignment store to help with his eye-hand co-ordination.  It consists of a wooden teddy bear with a bunch of different outfits that a child can then "lace" onto the bear.  

It also contains the funniest instructions I have read in quite some time.

*A cute Teddy bear with 6 wears, including: indoor, summer, winter, raining, sporting and working suits.

*A versatile set of dressing up Teddy Bear, combinated with a lacing puzzle and dress up game.  (Combinated is my new favorite word)

*In dressing the Teddy Bear can help kids to develop hand-eye co-ordination, logical thinking sequencing and manipulative on lacing skills and puzzle game.  

*Learn more creative on making up stories by wearing different cloth in different weather and uses; as well as match the lace colors.  

*It's a very good game for parents to play with kids or play by kids themselves.

*Made by nice wood, can be lasted long time for playing and storing.

It's a good thing I didn't buy the game to help Spud with his English.  

Whenever I am having a bad day, I pull this box out, picture the very earnest writer and his English translation dictionary and smile.

The joy can be lasted long time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ordinary Joys

Today was a good day.

It was one of those days where nothing truly spectacular happened, it was just full of ordinary joys.

Since we have started attending our church, I am really beginning to understand David when he said "I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord." Psalm 122:1.  I am challenged and stretched each and every week from the preaching and come away just refreshed.  Plus, my kids are well cared for in another room, and that's not half bad either!

Then we zipped down to the Bay where it was rumoured their clearance stuff  was 50% off and additional 40% off of that.  THe rumours were true!  Yee haw.  I got a new dressy outfit that would have cost $100 full price for $16.  No, it isn't a dress, (I said it was a good day, not a miraculous one) but a very nice pair of black dress pants and a cute little blouse.  I LOVE me a good sale.

Then came my favorite part of the day!  While the boys were down for naps I finally had enough energy to vacuum and wash my floors on the main level.  You see, some "brilliant" designer decided to put VERY glossy hardwood on my entire main level.  Including eating area.  Where messy and messier eat.  And this week was the week of the spill.  Juice, milk, soup, you name it, it landed on my floor and I didn't have the energy to properly deal with it.  By today I could no longer see the hardwood, it was just one big sticky smudge.  I never realized cleaning could make me sooo happy.    

By the time I was done the floors and the laundry I was getting tuckered out again and I realized that one of my favorite cookbook authors was right.  "Happiness is a casserole in the freezer."  I grabbed one out, cooked some rice and we had real supper with no work!  

The rest of the day was filled with stories, puzzles, snuggles and laughter.

Ordinary joys, perfect day.

Friday, September 19, 2008


So. My dumb cold has been getting to the point that I was pretty certain I had a sinus infection. The aching teeth were the giveaway. So, I decided to stop putting it off and just go to the doctor.

Turns out I do have a sinus infection. As it also turns out, my Doctor wants me to try something else instead of an antibiotic.


Now let me back up a little. I am not a real big fan of non-traditional, herbal, homeopath-type medicine. If you want to take a supplement, I totally support your right to do so. Personally I will continue to support the pharmaceutical behemoths.

I have always been rather skeptical of alternative medicine. It worries me that the practitioners of such all end in path. You've got your naturopath and homeopath but then you have psychopath and sociopath. This may all be a coincidence, but it really isn't a risk I am willing to take.

My most recent encounter with acupuncture further cemented this way of thinking.

So when I went to the Doctor today I was looking for an antibiotic.

Instead I got a rather large bottle that I am supposed to fill full of salt water, stick up my nose and squeeze. Ummm hmmm. I'll get right on it.

Drugs, man, just give me the drugs.

However, being the compliant patient that I am, I came home and rinsed.

Have you ever gone swimming and gotten a large quantity of water up your nose? Imagine doing that on purpose. Several times. LOTS OF FUN, I TELL YOU! Can't wait to do that again tomorrow morning!!!

How did it work?

Well, it currently feels as if King Kong is jackbooting me in the head and someone else has poured acid down my throat.

A delightful sensation that wasn't covered in the instructions.

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am currently dealing with a rather nasty cold.  My head is so full of "stuff" that there really isn't any room for creativity.  At all.  Plus, Way Cooler frowns on me sneezing on his keyboard and monitor.  

Soooo, in lieu of a real post I am going to make a couple more confessions to you.

1.  We live in area where there is a lot of construction still going on.  Some of the fellows that work around here are not exactly the kind you would want to bring home to momma.  Unless Momma worked at the jail.  So, whenever we lock up the house I say to the boys in a very loud voice, "just wait while mommy sets the alarm, the alarm that calls the central monitoring station."  You can never be too careful.   Or paranoid.  Whatever the case may be.

2.  Last weekend I took the boys to McDonalds for lunch.  We had several coupons I wanted to use, but you are only supposed to use one per purchase.  So I went through the drive-thru twice.  And I didn't even change clothes.  

3.  I have gone through an entire box of kleenex since Monday.  

Now if you will excuse me, I need some tea.

Aaa choo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here an Election, There an Election

This past few weeks have been nirvana for this political geek.

Two national elections going on in North America at the same time.  It really doesn't get much better than that.  Although I must say, CNN's coverage of Canada's election has been a little sparse. 
Can't say I blame them however.  Not only is it not their country's election it is also terribly terribly dull.


Not all Federal elections have been this boring but with no Chretien this time and Stockwell Day firmly muzzled there really aren't all that many memorable characters.

The two men who actually stand a chance of becoming Prime Minister have this one thing in common.  They are not a lot of fun at parties.  You could easily substitute a Ken Doll for either and not many people would notice.  

Then there is Jack Layton.  Am I the only one who thinks he resembles a used car sales man?  Smooth and not quite trustworthy.  But yet, on some level you really do want to believe him because what he's saying sounds so good.  Maybe just a little too good.   

That leaves Gilles.  Don't tell anyone but he is actually my favorite.  Aside from the whole ripping Canada apart thing.  He's about the only with charisma.  And in my humble opinion does the best at debates every time.  And I don't even agree with 98% of what he says.  I just like the way he says it.  

Seriously, the biggest controversy this election has been whether or not Elizabeth May gets to be in the debate.   For my Alberta readers, she is the leader of the Green Party.  Yes, there is a Green Party.  I hear they are going to do really well in Fort Mac this year.  ( I just realized that only an Albertan would find that past paragraph funny.  Sorry.)

So, I can understand CNN's reluctance to cover the earth shattering boredom that is this election but I still can't understand that only 65% of us turned out to vote last time.  While it may seem that our choices are rather limited (and they are) we still have choices.  

Not everyone does.

On October 14th go vote.  Thanks.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


It is Fall around here. I truly realized it this evening when I went for my walk. Three weeks ago I was looking for the sprinklers so I could cool off a bit, tonight I wore my jacket and had to hustle to get home before it started to get dark.

The community we live in has several nature ravines with paths running through them. By nature I mean that in order to save money on landscaping the developer has let the natural prairie grasslands grow in rather than sodding. It still is beautiful, especially at this time of year.

In Alberta our trees do not turn magnificent shades of orange and red. They simply turn yellow and shed their leaves as fast as possible. But we do have a fair number of native shrubs and brushes that turn crimson and tonight the hillsides were aflame with Autumn.

I would post a picture except for three things.
I barely take pics of my kids, let alone nature.
The camera cord is missing. Still.
Even if I took the camera on my walk (Umm hmm) the picture would probably have my thumb in it or something. Cameras and I do not get along. Trust me.

I must admit though that I do not like Fall nearly as much as I used to. Three years on BC's coast and Two in Texas taught me something I had not realized before. Not everywhere gets winter. They may have the winter months, but not the weather. I TRULY miss that.

In a short five years I turned into a weather wuss. Before this epiphany -10C (14) would have me saying "let's go tobogganing!" Now it is more like "let's go to Mexico." And let's be honest. -10 is really not all that cold. Yeah, you need mitts and stuff, but it's not "lose a body part in 32 seconds" weather.

However, I am determined to enjoy this Fall and all the colours and crispness it brings and to continually remind myself that I could live in the small town my friends Char and Dawn live in. THEY have winter. You have got to click on this link.

It'll make you thankful for Fall and Winter where you live.


Happy Autumn.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lions Den

Tomorrow morning I head off to my first Ladies Bible study at my new church.

Can I tell you how nervous I am?

I have often had a hard time making friends.  I move a lot.  This doesn't bode well for deep and abiding friendships.  I have small children who are very demanding of my time which can be a drain on relationships. Most of all I am a geek.  Generally I am quite OK with that but some poeple have a hard time getting past it.  I am quite shy but when I so start to talk I often talk too much.  I am loud.  I spill.  I buy clothes that are on sale, not necessarily in style.

This is not a winning combination.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have had people start a conversation with me, spot someone more interesting and wander off mid-sentence.  I have had coffee dates planned right in front of me that did not include me and people just choose not to return my calls.

This all does something to the soul.

So.  I choose to hide in my house with my kids and my computer.  It is so much easier.

But it isn't better.  

I need women in my life.  Ones who will laugh with me, pray with and for me.  Women who will let me watch their kids when they need a break and who know how to tell me gently that my slip is showing.  Again.

So I will gird up my loins and enter the lion's den coffee hour tomorrow.  I will be on a mission.  I will be looking for someone who looks as lost and lonely as I sometimes feel.

I will be the friend I am looking for.  I know the good ones are out there.  I've found them before.  I can find them again. 

I hope.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Going Along Swimmingly

Tonight I had a plan. I was going to blog and bake. What can I say? My life is glamour ALL THE TIME!

However, my baby brother called and invited me out! Whoo hoo. I do not get out a lot so I was quite excited. Until I found out what we were going to be doing.

Swimming. For fun. Unless a shark is chasing me, I do not swim. I have exercise induced asthma and I manage it by NEVER EXERCISING. It's a policy that has worked well for me through out the years.

But I couldn't look weak in front of my kid brother and his preganat wife. Plus, at no time in the evening was I going to have to give a time out. It doesn't get much better than that!

So off we went. Just a note, if a triathlete asks you to go swimming, say no. Unless you like to be passed. A LOT. Even his 5 month pregnant wife kicked my trash.

However, I am happy to announce that I swam for 30 minutes. Although I'm not exactly sure that you can call what I did swimming. To be precise, I moved through the water (slower than molasses) for half an hour, only stopping to gasp every lap or so.

Flutterboards rule. So do hot tubs.

I am beginning to have a sinking feeling that I may be hurting tomorrow.

Yee haw.

Isn't exercise fun?

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Long and Short of it.

My boys are just a wee bit different from each other. (Cough Cough.)
This is never better illustrated than at prayer time.

Dear Desus,
Tank-you food, corn, chicken, rice, milk, salad, lettuce, crunchies, yellow cuppie, oh yellow cuppie no, GREEN cuppie, chicken, mommy, daddy, AMEN. (Imagine a DEEP breath between each and EVERY comma.)

DearJesusthankyouforthefoodAMEN. Eat now?

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Time to Help

Have you ever wanted to be published?

Here's your chance!

Have you ever wanted to help out a fellow blogger who really needs a hand?

Here's your chance!

Stephanie Neilsen and her husband were in a plane crash that killed their pilot and left the two of them badly burned and in medically induced comas. You can learn more about them here and here.

A group of bloggers has been getting together to raise money in all kinds of ways for their medical expenses. They are Americans so there will BE expenses.

One fundraiser is a book is being put together. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to their medical fund. But they need authors to write the book. Sue at Naval Gazing at it's Finest has all the details. So, if you want to be published click here to learn more.

Don't want to write but still wanna help? Click here. This lists all the ways that people are fundraising and how you too can make a difference.

Are you still here?

Get clicking!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here a Thumb, There a Thumb

Sprout was a colicky baby. COLICKY. About the only thing that would calm him was sucking his thumb. So, in order to MAKE THE CRYING STOP we let him. We may have even been guilty of guiding it into his mouth a time or twenty. (You may only judge us if you have had more than one colicky baby.)

Unfortunately while the colic is now long gone, the thumb-sucking continues.

Once again I seek the collective wisdom of the Internet. How does one teach a 2.5 year old to stop sucking their thumb?

We've tried gentle reminders, encouragement when he doesn't and the nailbiter stuff. Apparently the nailbiter stuff is like nectar to a preschooler and the reminders work for 3.7 seconds.

Any other ideas?


This has been part of Shannon's backwards Works for Me Wednesdays. If you have solutions, today she has questions. Head over there to help some sisters out!