Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey Dad, Look: a New Post

We had a family dinner the other night to celebrate my dad's birthday.  He is now officially a senior citizen!   As evidenced by the fact that he now attends hymn sings on a regular basis.  I think this is a requirement of all Christian seniors.  They must believe that the music is JUST TOO LOUD at their regular service and go to hymn sings to get away from that ratty-tat music.

ANYWAY, both he and my sister-in-law were complaining about my lack of posting. And since they are two of my biggest fans I do not wish to disappoint. My dad foolishly suggested that I just use him as blog fodder.  Which to a blogger means he just painted a target on his back and declared open season.

Warning: if there is a blogger in your family do NOT tell them they can write whatever they want.  Because we will. With reckless abandon.

So, dear family members and 2 random strangers this is what I have been up to:

The house is on the market.  This basically means that I morph into this fanatic wide-eyed vortex of cleaning.  I was getting after my 4 year old for touching the walls the other day when I realized I may need professional help.  Either that or we should NEVER MOVE AGAIN.

The house sale stuff is basically my kryptonite.  I have to be all OCD which does not come naturally for me and makes me rather up-tight, plus the whole house selling thing?  I can't control it.  I do DO NOT like things I cannot control.  Which means the teen years should be just a PICNIC.

We have not had very many showings which is causing me all kinds of worry as evidenced by the fact that I have been up since three in the morning.  Because you know, my lack of sleeping will be just the thing my poor children need right about now.  A crazy AND overtired mother. At least they will have lots to tell their therapist.

In brighter news, the new house is going to be ready ahead of schedule.  For those of you unfamiliar with the whole home-building thing, this is a VERY weird thing.  They are NEVER on time. It is written in some home building manual somewhere.

So, come May we will be in the new house.  Which means that Spud will finish Grade one in a new location. He is VERY excited about that. We are not exactly sure why but we are thankful that the move is not causing him much anxiety as this has not always been the case.

So to sum up:
The house will be ready early
I am a cleaning machine
Also a little crazy
But you knew that already.

The end.