Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Procrasination: a beautiful thing

Generally I do not procrastinate on much. I seem to have gotten over that mostly in high school. Sorting through the pictures on my computer, that I will put off until I grow another inch taller, but other than that, I tend to tackle chores and jobs in a somewhat timely fashion.

Mind you I have two toddlers so sometimes timely for me, is not the same as it was when I was able to actually get a ten minute task done in ten minutes, vs. the hour it takes me to vacuum my main level now. What with sippy cup emergencies, sprout's fascination with my cord retract button (who was the genius who put that huge, easy to push button right at toddler level?), a child who climbs onto the canister and then falls off, (needing instant consoling) and the fact even though we have put all toys away before I start vacuuming, that only lasts a good thirty seconds before every toy is once again dumped out onto the floor and must again be picked up, it does take a while.

Anyway, I digress, I started out to talk about procrastination and how I don't generally do it, but tonight, I took one look at my kitchen and I fled for the hills. So I am up here blogging hoping that the dirty dish fairy will take pity on me and deal with the mess. For those of you wondering, no the dirty dish fairy is not Way Cooler, he is out teaching a night course so I am on my own. Sigh.

You see, I let Sprout feed himself homemade alphabet soup for the first time. What was I thinking? Who in their right mind gives an 18 month old a spoon? He had a great time, but for every spoonful that went into his mouth, well, there are now two on the floor that I washed this morning as well as the table, the high chair, my shirt, you get the picture!

I think I am off to wallpaper my bedroom. Even that will be easier than tackling my kitchen tonight!

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Janet said...

I've done that- given a toddler a spoon. WIth the delirious idea that they would be okay with pudding. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Answer- I wasn't. :-)