Friday, October 19, 2007

My New Heros

I have been thinking a lot this week about single moms and the thought it my head is usually one of extreme thankfulness that I am not one. I really cannot imagine doing this alone.

Single moms not only have all the parenting, cleaning, helping, cooking, homework, driving etc that I do, they don't have anyone to step in once in a while like most of us do.

There are no words to describe my extreme thankfulness and relief to have a firm masculine voice remind Spud that we do not bite our moms and then they went off to have a talk. Problem solved. Way Cooler can just never leave again now.

Single moms don't always get that. They may have brothers, Dads, and friends to fill in the gap (and I really hope they do) but some don't, and so they go it alone.

Add to that the grief of a loss of a spouse or the bitter ache of a relationship that could no longer work or the loneliness of being left alone.

Plus, where I live, there is an added worry. Our economy is red-hot. Good for people who work in the oil industry, bad for people who rent as they never know when their rent will go up sky-high or get an eviction notice because their apartment is being converted to a condo. One that they could never afford. So there are many who never know from month to month how long they will be able to afford to shelter their family.

I got thinking of how tough it is for these women, and how much I admire them. If you are doing it alone, keep going! You amaze me!

If you know one, drop her a note, babysit her kids, bring her a meal, take her kids to a ballgame with yours, and let her know she is not alone. She has you.


Janet said...

What a great post! My mom was a single mom for years and it was only once I had kids that I realized how hard it must have been for her.

JCK said...

How lovely of you to recognize single moms. I have a close friend who is a single mom (her husband died when her son was an infant) and you described her well. Her son loves wrestling and having "man time", so my husband often pitches in, as do other friends. It forms a community around her, although I can never really know what it is like to walk in her shoes. Single moms... I bow down to you!

Dawn and Dale said...

I loved your post as well!!!

I love your idea about just doing SOMETHING for them to show you care!!

There was a single mom and her two pre-teen kids that attended our church (they've just moved a month ago). The daughter came up to me one day all excited and in awe that the pizza store called at 9 pm the night before saying someone had come in and bought them pizza...what flavor would you'd like??!! She was just in awe that somebody would do that for their family!!

Take out pizza for a single parent family can really be a treat for them...but I KNOW it was the THOUGHT of secretely doing that for them that made the BIGGEST impact on this young lady!!!

How EASY was that for that "secret care person" to do??!! It also blew me away!!