Monday, October 8, 2007

So I was thinking

You know, I think I have been reading Alyson and Ree's blogs too much. I am starting to get some weird ideas. Let me explain.

Last week I was pondering how much yogurt the boys eat in a week. 2Kg. You know that when you start measuring yogurt by the Kg things are a bit out of control. So, my cheap little heart had the idea that maybe I could learn how to make my own yogurt to save $. Then I realized, not only would this be more work, we'd go through even more milk. We already go through 20 litres a week here so I don't think we'd be saving any more money and we'd need a bigger cart at Costoc for all our milk.

This is when I had my brilliant thought of the day. I should get a cow. I mean we have an enormous back yard, and then I could make my own yogurt, cheese and sour cream! Think of all the money I would save!! Yee haw. I mean, why not, Ree has cows, and Alyson has chickens, I only want one cow. Singular.

For those of you a little worried, this is when I realized that my brilliant idea was a little more like a brain fart. Yes, Ree has cows, but she also has a ranch and married a rancher. I have a pie shaped lot and married a professor. Not exactly the same.

Well what about Alyson and her chickens? Well, she lives in the country too and when you compare the size of a chicken to a cow, it's not quite the same. Alyson also does not live in a municipality really hung up on rules and by-laws. If you need a $17 permit to hold a garage sale (which you have to register with city hall) then they will probably have an even bigger issue with backyard bovines.

Sigh. So, since I can't have a cow I will keep looking for ways to save on my excessive dairy bill.

Hey, maybe I can get a goat!


Alyson said...

Oh I have been lobbying my hubby for a goat!!
If it makes you feel better, there is a guy down the road who started his own cheese factory from his own milk...the dairy board made him sell his milk to them and then buy the milk!! Even though the pipeline when from his barn to the factory!!
how stupid.

17$ to have a garage sale!! that is ridiculous.

MommyKnows said...

Heehee, just imagine having to get up @ sunrise to milk the cow!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Oh my- a cow in the backyard!

Walmart looks better already.