Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So, Way Cooler left this morning for this. For a week. Yeah I know what you're thinking, "Oh rats, I can't believe I missed out on that!" Don't despair, it happens every year. Next year in Birmingham Alabama which is just another reason to put it on your calender now for next year.

Believe it or not, the guys at this conference look forward to it all year long. I'm not exactly sure why, it's really as boring as it sounds, but yet, it's kinda like Disneyland for these Homileticans. (Guys who study preaching.) And, this year they have a bonus, they can actually go to Disney after as the conference is right in Southern California.

I was unable to go with Way Cooler for two very special reasons. Reason number one dumped water all over the floor tonight while bathing and then screamed as if I was killing him while I washed his hair, and reason number 2, well he climbed every single surface in my house today that could be ascended. Twice.

It's probably good that I am here and not there for another reason as well. The dollar is at par. PAR. So very very cool. I would need an extra suitcase for all the damage I could do at Carters, Bath and Bodyworks, Target, Victoria's Secret and Dillards. (for my lone American reader, we don't have these up here, but I got to enjoy them immensely when I lived in Texas for two years. I miss them almost as much as I miss my pre-pregnancy tummy.)

So, if the next few posts are a little grumpy, I am sorry, but I will be posting after twelve-thirteen hour days with two very cute human wrecking balls. Plus, while the rest of the world is experiencing global warming, it still really is Fall here and winter could strike at any time. It got to a balmy plus 10 (which isn't bad, but there was a wind that reduced that +10 to about 3.) Yee haw.

So, off to clean my kitchen. Will the fun ever stop?

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