Thursday, October 11, 2007

For every action, there is a reaction

Action: Three year old gets bit by a goose.
Reaction: Mortal fear of any live animal.

Action: Take aforementioned 3 year old to off-leash dog park to play in the leaves.
Reaction: Must carry screaming 37lb 3 year old back to van while pushing double stroller.

Action: Same three year old puts fork into his finger at dinner this evening.
Reaction: Lots of blood and tears.

Action: Go get bandaid for bloody finger.
Reaction: 18 month old feels abandoned and throws entire bowl of Kraft Dinner on floor.

Action: Sternly speak to 18 month old about throwing food on the floor.
Reaction: Both boys laugh hysterically.

Action: Daddy foolishly leaves his Skor bites in the fridge.
Reaction: Mommy polishes off the bag.


Anonymous said...

Think of it this way. Better that the 3 year old poke himself in the finger with the fork than shove it through his nose (like the picture we've all seen and were mortified by!)

Sorry the boys are crazy while "hubs" is away. Sorry I'm stealing mom and dad from you.

Hope you have a good weekend!

happygeek said...

I now know how the fork in the nose is possible, there is a HOLE in his finger. I'm getting child-friendly forks today!

Dawn and Dale said...

Owie!! Funny how my first thought when reading that was that nasty picture as well!! lol

I have those kind of days ALL the time around here!! You should see what it's like with 4 to gang up on me!! lol

char said...

hang in there!! As your honey would say "At least you have something to blog about!!"

P.S. You should be published, Ilove it here!!