Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm a bad, bad Mommy

Ever have one of those moments when you realize someone from Children and Families could be coming by any moment? The moment when you realize, this is just baaaad parenting?

Well, yesterday, Spud and Sprout decided they wanted to finger paint with shaving cream. We've done it before and it has been fun and incident free. So, I got them set up at the table and they were industriously spreading shaving cream from here to yonder.
Good, creative Mommy.

I decided to run upstairs quickly and grab some laundry to bring down and put away.
Naive, Multi-tasking mommy.

Sprout took this opportunity to rub huge fistfuls of shaving cream in his eye. Upon hearing the bloodcurdling shrieking I ran downstairs, grabbed him, hollered at his brother to keep his hands off his face (at least three times) and started getting Sprout in the tub as suggested by poison control on another occasion.
Caring, but dumb, dumb mommy.

In a minute, as I am flushing Sprout's eye I hear new shrieks coming from downstairs, but they are hard to hear over the cacophony still issuing from the tub. (Y'all know where I'm going with this eh?) Another minute later I now have two SHRIEKING children in the tub getting their eyes flushed out. I've been to quieter monster truck rallies.
Poor mommy.

I could not stop laughing. Laughing so hard I nearly cried.
Bad, bad mommy.


Alyson said...

sooooooo been there.
not bad mommy.
bad mommy would have laughed while NOT flushing out eyes


Veronica Mitchell said...

Could have happened to anybody. Whatever the judgmental say, it really is not possible to watch children every second.

Sue said...

Hope their eyes are all better. Ouch. Off of what Veronica said - it's a miracle we all survived our childhood. My parents barely noticed us unless we were on fire.

Janet said...

Normal, normal mommy. LOL!

Sounds like a typical day here, too.....sadly.

char said...

As long as you laughed and didn't yell at them, you are doing better than average, in my opinion!!

Johnna said...

That's the best kind of bad Mommy to be, the who's making real brain-building fun in her kids' lives, and getting the laundry done, and keeping her head in a small crisis.

Good on ya.