Monday, February 11, 2008

House Hunting is Not for Wussies.

Way Cooler and I believe that schooling does not necessarily  make a person smart. Last weekend proved that. Between the two of us there are 15 years of post secondary education and we still decided that it would be fine to take the boys with us on a whirlwind househunting trip. Educated and stupid.

So, early on Saturday morning we loaded the van and drove three hours down to our new city. We then spent the next six hours driving around the city scoping out the various neighborhoods. With the exception of two 15 minute jaunts into showhomes the boys were locked into their seats for nine hours. We even ate lunch in the car.

Somehow, we thought we could do this all over again the next day, only this time we would be with a realtor actually walking through homes. Ten houses in 3.5 hours. This means ten times of hauling kids out of their carseats, ten times buckling them up and ten houses where we were in constant fear they might touch something. Oh, did I mention, it was -10 (c)?

By about the third house the boys had withdrawn our nomination for parents of the year, by the sixth house it was doubtful if we would ever get presents for our birthdays and by house number nine they were plotting about our nursing home situation.

Our relator was young and childless.  I'll bet she never forgets to take her pills EVER again after last Sunday. 

So, of course after this exhausting morning we went for lunch and then just headed home eh? NOPE. No, we thought we would spend the afternoon looking at more showhomes and whenever we spotted an open-house Way Cooler would run in while I entertained the boys in the car.

Ever entertained rabid wolves? That would have been easier.

Oh, and as a side note, if you ever find yourself running a showhome, a basket of toys in the corner is a great idea, but if your definition of toys is a few broken playthings from the 1950s that look like they were last used by a dog and have never been washed, ever, maybe skip the whole toy basket thing. Thanks.

So, did we find anything?


All we learned is that real estate agents are really great creative writers and those who are dumb enough to take their kids house-hunting with them deserve not to find anything.


KnittinChick said...

Ok! That's funny... thanks for not asking me to join you! Sounds like a party of four was stretching the seams of your little minivan.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Hee hee hee!

tallmom said...

I am thinking this would be a time that i would really wish i had a portable dvd player in the van!! but even then that would be A LOT of movies! You are a brave brave woman. maybe next time one of your loving relatives would babysit!

Bargainista said...

Your pain was not in vain. i had an absolute hoot reading your posting as did everyone eles today.
Only problem, which i shouldn't mention after all you've been through, i burnt our supper while reading your blog.

Dawn and Dale said...

Ok...It's obviously been too long since I've dropped in!! You're moving????!!!!