Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sure, Come On In

Last Thursday the doorbell rang.  My kids have a Pavlovian reaction to the  doorbell, they go racing towards it certain that Papa and Nana are on the other side.  This time however, Papa and Nana were in Yuma where there is no snow.  Grrr.    Instead, there stood a relator with two clients in tow.  Double Grrr.

Now generally, relators call ahead of time and make an appointment.  This one THOUGHT she did, but trust me, no call had been made.  So there I stood, not 100% certain if I had even brushed my hair yet, with my two children in various states of undress.

I do dress my kids in the morning, but the floor seems to attract my children's pants faster than a picnic attracts ants.  They don't stay on for long and this is just not a hill on which I am willing to die, or even really climb.  As long as their pants stay on in public, I let it slide at home.

ANYWAY, there I stood semi-naked children at my side and the entire contents of my fridge on my kitchen counter as I was in the process of cleaning it out.  "Sure come on in" came out of my mouth, but those were not the words running through my head!  Looking back, I am utterly grateful that the thoughts in my head stayed there, as they were not entirely gracious or welcoming.

But then it occurred to me, it could have been far worse.  They could have come the day before.  You see, the day before at about that time, I had finally gotten the boys in front of Veggietales and ran upstairs for a quick shower.  I would not have heard the doorbell, and the relator, she has a key.

The boys were in the basement and she would have thought no one was home.  They would have commenced the tour.  So, I am grateful that the only half-dressed people they saw were under four.  Unbelievably grateful.   As I am certain they would be too if they knew what they narrowly missed seeing!


KnittinChick said...

It's always good to see the silver lining, right? I'm sure that the customers felt right at home b/c if they were honest, their current digs have days like that.

I love that your kids race to the door for their grandparents. I feel like that when they visit me but I have to pretend to be grown up about it!

Teri said...

AHAHAHA! You crack me up!
teehee, I AM glad the realtor DIDN'T come and that no one ACTUALLY saw you bare naked....but I did think of a great line for you to have said...had it occured

"Sorry folks, this doesn't come with the house!"

MomOfTheCrazies said...

You have to love the fact that realtors can get into your house any time they want. Knowing my luck, they'll interrupt me during the middle of an afternoon nap, I'll be groggy, think they're intruders, and have 911 called before they can pass out a business card.

Hope everyone's starting to feel better!

JCK said...

Oh, my! I guess that is what you would call a mixed blessing... LOL

Realtors...better when you're not in the house to have to see them.

Bargainista said...

What a HOOT!
For your sake i hope your home sells quickly, or without alot of invaders, but on the other hand, i would miss your hillarious stories about it all.