Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There's a Mouse in the House

Well, actually he's in the garage, but it's attached to my house, so for me, that's just waay too close.  Mind you, mice in the neighborhood is too close.

You see, last week I was taking a diaper out to the garbage and I saw something scurry from under my van.  Scurrying makes me nervous.  So, I looked a little closer and there it was in all it's disease-carrying glory; a mouse.

Mice don't really scare me, they just make me mad.  The only living things allowed to live in my house are those that I gave birth to or those who help pay down the mortgage.  If a creature doesn't fall in the above categories, it is not invited to stay.  

So, Way Cooler was instructed to set the traps.  

A side note, these are not the humane traps where you catch and release, I spent two years in Texas and like the philosophy down there, "if you are uninvited in my home, I have the right to kill you."  I just choose to limit this policy to the non-human invaders, unlike some Texans.

You'll be pleased to hear that we caught two mice within a day and I haven't seen any since.  This is especially good to know considering we are trying to sell this house and if people think the blue walls are a bit of a turn-off, I have a funny feeling they'd really have issues with a mouse.  


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Okay, seriously did you know the Google ad on your site was for mouse extermination?

So glad you're not using your gun on company that stays too long.

KnittinChick said...

I had them in a condo due to people keeping the doors open too long when they were moving and I became the Great Mouse Detective.

If you see them re-emerge, you can PM or call me and I'll share all I learned in my escapades... I understand the anger at these uninvited guests.

Bargainista said...

i can feel your passion on that one.
i agree w. you!
i have a couple of stories to tell about catching them, but not here.
Glad you 'got them'.

Janet said...

Glad to hear your "furry little friends" are gone. Ewwwwww.....

tallmom said...

why wouldnt people like blue walls? its a nice happy colour! glad the mousie is gone.

JCK said...

EEK! Happy Geek!

Hope they are gone...yikes!