Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Irony is Killing Me

Last week we had our house re-painted in order to appeal to a broader market.  So, we switched from the tranquil resort feel of our light blue walls to brown and beige.  Yee haw.  

The first day that the painters were in we had a showing.  My house was in complete disarray with painters, drop-clothes and various shades of brown and blue on the walls.  

So, naturally, we got our first realistic offer.

Yep, after a MONTH of keeping my house in pristine show-home-like condition, we get an offer we can work with when our house looks like a construction zone.  I am still waiting to find the irony funny.

The purchasers decided that they wanted the painters to continue to the basement with the brown theme.  We told them, "Hey, if you'll buy our house at a reasonable price we'll paint it navy if that's what floats your boat."

Apparently they thought we were serious.

Our basement was a lovely shade of green.  Almost a neutral green.  It was light and airy but did lack that "wow" factor.  Upon thinking about it, the buyers also thought that the brown lacked the "it factor they were looking for in a basement.  So, they wanted to change it to something different.


I kid you not.  My basement is now a slightly darker blue than what was upstairs with three NAVY feature walls.  I so desperately want to show you but I cannot figure out how to make the camera talk to the Mac and with 13 days till we move out, figuring out technology ranks right behind making baklava on my list of things to do.

So, you'll have to take my word for it.   It looks like a blueberry exploded inside a cave.  It will take a couple of spotlights to brighten up my basement now.

Again, I am still waiting for the irony to be humorous.

To sum up.

Start with a house with blue walls upstairs, green basement. 
Clean house for month.  
No offers.
Decide to paint.
Three offers in one weekend.
Put painting on hold.
All offers fall through.
Painting is back on track.
Frantically prep house for painting.
Painting starts.
Realistic offer.
House sells.
House now has brown walls upstairs, blue down.

I'll say one thing about this month, it certainly wasn't boring.


Kelly @ Love Well said...


Just ... wow.

We've sold a lot of homes, but that experience tops anything we've seen.

KnittinChick said...

Like Bargainista said before, "This is all entertainment for us... your blogging audience."

Countin' down with you for the move to be done!

JCK said...

This is HILAROUS! You can never, ever tell what the housing market will bring.

And I just have to say again, how much I love your blog design! ;)

Janet said...

Ugh. I HATE doing renos and such. I think you should surprise the buyers and paint it with purple and yellow stripes. They would love it.

Bargainista said...

Go figure!
Congratulate yourselves that you got the upstairs paint color figured and your painter!

So glad that your home has sold!

Dawn and Dale said...

I'm soooo happy you have the house sold now!!! What a wonderful relief!!

It's hard to see change to something that you loved so much yourself though hey??!!!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I hadn't heard that your basement was blue. Unbelievable. BUT, the SOLD sign is up, so it's all good, right?