Monday, March 17, 2008

A walk on the Wild Side

The other day we were getting a little cooped up so we headed out for our daily walk around the block.

It was really quite nice out, (-2 C) but starting to snow so I put on their snowsuits.  I just recently  noticed how those things really aren't good for mobility.  I don't think Sprout could have put his arms down by his side if his life depended on it.  It was like being out with a pair of Michelin men.

The good news is, Sprout has basically grown into his size 18 months snowsuit, so his hands can finally stick out of the sleeves.  This had caused him great stress all winter.  I think he thought they were gone for good each time.

Between getting boots, mitts, hats, snowpants and coats on and then walking at Sprout's pace, even just walking around the block can kill a lot of time.  Sprout is just two and his legs are pretty small (even for two) so he makes a snail look like Ben Johnson (without the whole steroid mess.) 

We found every puddle on our trip, each one was thoroughly splashed in, we talked to every single person we passed (and I use "we" loosely) and EVERY single school bus that went by was duly noted.

There are moments when being a mom, with all the stuff it entails, is so totally worth it.

This was one of them.


KnittinChick said...

Love it... I was walking by my neighborhood pond today and I was looking for rocks to throw through the ice... although it might be a bit early!

So glad that you are enjoying the springtime and being a mom. If your boys want to have a Ice Breaking friend, tell them to call Auntie Knittinchick

Janet said...

Sigh. What a great post. Puddle jumping is the best. Now, mud playing? That's a WHOLE other story!

Dawn and Dale said...

Isn't it TRUE????!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOO love it!!!!! :)

JCK said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Can just imagine the snow suit boys! Too cute.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

How nice to take the time to enjoy walks outside. Our walks often entail me saying "Walk quicker - we're going to miss the bus!" I must remember to take time to actually enjoy walking outdoors with the crazies.

Bargainista said...

What a great mom you are! So neat that you can slow down and see life through their eyes.

char said...

I agree, sometimes we need those moments of breathing and enjoying. God is good, and we are blessed!!

Anonymous said...

I never noticed all the good rocks and sticks there are just laying around, that is until I take my 2 year old for a walk! Then we don't miss any of them. It is great when you can look at it as a blessing to slow down and look at life through their eyes!

Love Trisha

Nicole said...

I enjoy walking with the girls and will be glad when it's finally nice enough outside to do that again.

But snowsuits? Argh! We moved back to Iowa from Los Angeles and gave new meaning to the question "Are you SURE you don't have to go to the bathroom?!"