Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The following conversation occurred in my house tonight. (Yes, technically, it isn't MY house, we still live with my folks, just taking a little literary licence. Humour me.)

HG: "Hey Sprout, it's time to clean up. You don't know how to clean up do you?"

S: "Wes" (yes). Nodding

HG: "No, you can't clean up yet, can you?"

S: "Wes wes wes." Nodding so hard his head nearly came off his shoulders.

HG: "Are you sure?"

S: "Weeees" he shouted as he raced down the stairs to jubilantly throw toys into the toy box.

Something tells me this ain't gonna work when he's 13.



KnittinChick said...

Seriously... wait until you 'race' one another to get the most toys picked up:-)

Pure genius!

Life In Progress said...

I've got a whole list of things that aren't gonna fly in a few years.

Right now my favorite is telling Caroline to 'race me' in getting buckled into the car. Works every time......

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I think Crazy #1 taught Crazy #2 about reverse psycology because it doesn't work on anyone in my house anymore. So, so sad.

Miche said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog; the monkey rings work like a charm.

Your post today had me laughing! Hahah! That is so cute! Yes, too bad it wont work when the kids get older....