Monday, April 7, 2008

On the Road AGAIN

Since leaving our old city less than two weeks ago we have had to go back twice.


Last week Spud and I made a road trip so we could get a pre-op form filled out. Since finding a doc in this area is akin to winning the lottery (same odds) we went back to our GP.

Today we are back on the road to his surgery which will be done in our old city tomorrow. Unfortunately I do not have a laptop so I will not be liveblogging his procedure, but wouldn't that be cool?

(You know you blog waaaay too much when you are considering liveblogging your child's broncostopy.)

Anyway, full details following.

I know you just can't wait.

Umm hmmm.


Bargainista said...

Thinking of you today as you head out and have been praying for Spud's surgery and your peace of mind in it all.

Teri said...

I hope you keep your wits about you, having a wee guy on the table isn't the most peaceful way for a mom to spend her afternoon!
Hang in there.

Janet said...

I'll pray for Spud too, poor little guy.

KnittinChick said...

thinking and praying for both of you today. However the thought of liveblogging just is a tad too much... take a good book and read throughout it all.

I'll be claiming Psalm 62:1-2 for you today.

tallmom said...
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tallmom said...

I hope eveything went well!!

the trip is only 4 hours one way for me (8 hrs round trip)

granola_granny said...

Granola granny is wondering how little Spud is doing? Is his mommy able to get enough ice cream, jello, popsicles and soup in him to satisfy his appetite, but not aggrivate his throat? Hope it's not long before he is back to sommersaulting over large objects.