Friday, May 2, 2008

Because I Want to Start Your Weekend Out Right

The best way to start your weekend?

Reading a blog post from me!

You're welcome. I'm sweet that way aren't I?

ANYWAY, we are in the new house.

Unpacking is progressing. I have yet to kill anyone, but I know understand the term "going postal." (More on that in another post!)

I am already discovering there are REAL advantages to living closer to family. My brother cooked me dinner two nights in a row, and today my dad popped in to fix my washer and break down all my boxes. I LOVE those men.

If I had known this we would have moved back YEARS ago.

The move is over and that is the best thing I can say about that. I will never again pay someone to pack for me, if I want someone to randomly chuck things into a box I will get Way Cooler to do it for free. Plus, he is waaay easier on the eyes.

I did manage to get a new (to me) broom out of the deal. Had to give mine up though. Yep, at some point in the move or storage or something my broom was switched out for one similar in colour but not angled and repaired with duct tape. Yee haw. They also broke my bed (which Ikea no longer carries) and put a dent in my hardwood when they dropped the broken bed on the floor. Wonderful. (If you are new to this blog, just a note, sarcasm is my favorite literary device.)

Another reason the move went so "smoothly" was when we had the guy come give us a quote we did not realize this meant "some random number we pick out of the sky to get you to choose us and then charge you much, much, more and hold your furniture hostage till you pay." But now we do.

Lesson of the day, cheaper is not always better.

Oh, and as you've probably guessed by now I do have Internet (thanks WC) but really have not had much time to blog or read them. Go figure.

So now that you've heard from me, your weekend is complete! (or something like that eh?)


MomOfTheCrazies said...

I have nothing brilliant to say, but figured I should at least say "hi". Have a good weekend!

KnittinChick said...

Considering the wild Spud and Sprout antics and a week without extra WC support, your house looks so well put together!

Treat yourself by kicking up your feet and letting WC play with the boys:-)

JCK said...

Yeah!! Congrats on getting in the house. Sorry it was so crazy with the movers. Sounds like being near family will be awesome! And especially for your cuties. That is Spud and Sprout. Not WC. Although, I'm sure he's cute,too. We already know you are!

Bargainista said...

Wow! You did well to get organized so quickly...well, getting your blog up and going has to qualify as efficient!
i hear from a very reliable source that your house is very beautiful! Congratulations!
(i'm looking forward to seeing the interior decorating that you are going to do just to add that final touch. Please put more photo's on your blog like you did w. your previous seasonal decorations.