Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Because You cannot Get Enough of Boring

It's been a long few days.
Way Cooler had to study most of the weekend so the boys and I are fully bonded. FULLY.

Monday we drove to the funeral and back. My brother and his wife rode with us. I am certain they are now re-thinking this whole baby thing. Too late guys. Too late. This is why you were never allowed to ride with us before. I wanted to be an Auntie again.

Because my grandma was living in a different city than where she was buried we had the funeral Monday up North and the burial Tuesday back here. It's made for some busy days.

Because I am not from the South (or over 60) I will not make some comment on how it was a lovely funeral. However, it was so good to pay tribute to Grandma and a life well lived.

We DID NOT have to have the boys in the funeral with us. There are no words to describe my joy. My cousin arranged a sitter at my Aunt's house. My cousin is now my new best friend FOREVER. Today a VERY dear friend (who reads this blog - hi M!) watched the boys so I could run to the burial. I love my kids dearly but I got a bit dizzy thinking about taking them to anything that requires any sort of solemnity. They don't really do quiet or sober. EVER.

It has been a long few days so a real post is coming soon*. I promise.

*Soon being subjective, it may be September.


Janet said...

nice little caveat at the end, there, girly. It'd BETTER be sooner than SEPTEMBER!!!!!

Tez said...

Glad you're back safe and sound, and that you didn't have to have the boys at the funeral.
When is our next coffee date?