Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Random

I have all manner of posts in draft mode right now. The problem is they all sound a bit like "bras, blah, blah, blah," or "Sprout, yada yada yada" or "politeness, boring boring boring." Throw in a couple of misplaced commas and you have some serious brain melt. I have lots of ideas but they all sound unbelievably lame once I start typing.

So, I was tagged for 6 random things about me.

Random I can still do.

Thank-you Ellen!!!

1. I am quite addicted to good black licorice. I will fight you for a bag of Capricorn Liquorice. This does not fit well with my new lifestyle thing-y. Thin had better be worth it.

2. When I was in my late teens I was trying on some stuff at Bootlegger and noticed that there were security cameras in the dressing room. I did what any self-respecting teen would do. I mooned the camera. Not something I mentioned a lot during my stint as a pastor's wife.

3. It does not seem to matter what kind of earrings I wear, whenever I wear earrings my ears get hot, red and infected. Within hours. It's really lovely. Even the "hypo-allergenic, cannot possibly cause infection in even the most sensitive of ears" are no match for my dumbos.

4. After wearing behind the ear hearing aids for 23 years I really do have dumbo ears. I keep my hair long at all times.

5. I used to be terribly afraid of cops. If they were driving behind me I would start to sweat and stammer. I now have lots of cop friends so I can actually talk to them now but I still tense up at a unknown one in uniform. Stop laughing. I told you I was quirky.

6. I am totally addicted to "So You Think You Can Dance." This new commercial from Ikea made my week. Seriously. I've watched it waay too many times. Can't dance to save my life but sure like to watch those who can.

I don't tag, but feel free to partake if the sun has melted your brain as well.


Janet said...

WAH! I couldn't see the commercial!!! oh well. The next time you come over, I'm gonna dress up as a cop. Then you'll never be scared of them again....:-)

KnittinChick said...

Mooning a security camera. I guess that taught them a lesson or two.

Goes to show we all have our little things that are hiding in the dressing room closet!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I, too, am completely addicted to So You Think You Can Dance. I've never been able to decide if that is embarrassing or not.

Char and Avery said...

Okay, I do not know how we are friends. I like dancing and all, but I couldn't even sit through that commercial once!! Oi!!!

Ah well, life would suck if we were all the same, right!! Lol!!