Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inquiring Minds

Several bloggers recently have taken to having their readers ask them questions.  Since I am a little backward, I have questions for you!

1.  Why is it that the smaller the item, (and thus, much more likely to get lost) the more my kids adore it and NEED it at bedtime?

2.  Are scarves really in, or would I just look like I am trying too hard?  I cannot make up my mind on this one.

3.  If I were to start wearing make-up (a HUGE if) what one essential should I start with?  I'm considering this as the past few weeks I've looked a bit like a ghost (with great boots) and would like to stop scaring small children.

4.  This one is for all you Southern Chicks.  Way Cooler is going to DFW sometime in the next little while and I want him to bring back some cornbread mix.  What would be the best brand?  I've tried to make it from scratch and I think you have to have been born south of the 49th parallel to do that properly.   So, what mix tastes almost as good as homemade?  We don't do cornbread up here as a rule and that is a horrid shame.

I would also like him to bring back chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy and a Sonic, but I don't think those travel quite as well.   So I'll have to settle for what I can get. 

5.  If your child, (hypothetically of course) climbed into their bath and then proceeded to pee with great glee and abandon, would you drain the tub and start over, or just sigh and walk away?

This now concludes the rather monotonous questions.  The more you answer, the less you will be subjected to this in the future.  So answer early and answer often!


a Tonggu Momma said...

1. Murphy's Law
2. in, but only if you don't look like a geek while wearing one
3. Bare Escentuals
4.I've never made it from a box
5. drain, but I only have one child... my sister would sigh - she has four

Knittinchick said...

sonic... don't do that to me... I love those things and Canada will probably never get one.

I have a good cornbread from scratch recipe... do you want it?

makeup... the winter weather has gotten to me and I've been boycotting it lately. This is not what i should tell you. However, I wore it this morning and looked quite un-dead, I'm happy to report!

Christi said...

I am going to go backwards, cause I want to.

5. My mom told my twin sisters that if they went in the tub, their hair would fall out. Then after their bath, some hair would come out with the comb causing them to be really upset. LOL

4. Jiffy make a sweet cornbread if that's what you like. Are you cooking it in cast iron? That's been well seasoned? Traditional cornbread is made without flour, so it is naturally gluten-free. Here is my favorite cornbread and Mexican cornbreadrecipe.

3. I'd say mascara and maybe lipstick.

2. I don't know, I hear rumors that they are in.

1. I agree with TM, it's Murphy's Law

Kelly @ Love Well said...

There's a Sonic in St. Paul now. How far do you have to drive to get to Minnesota?

I also have a recipe for cornbread from scratch. But I'll say this: I think the real secret to good cornbread is a cast-iron skillet. Without that, it's just mediocre no matter what you do.

As for the bathtub question? I don't even sigh anymore. Teyla tends to pee EVERY NIGHT as I put her in the bath. My Mom, a nurse, always used to say "Urine is sterile," which is true. So I don't freak. (Poop is a different story, of course.)

Heather of the EO said...

I don't wear makeup hardly ever and when I do, it's kind of a joke since it's all so old and not cool. So I'm sorry, I'm not helpful on that one.

small things to bed--God has a sense of humor and likes getting a good laugh over the searches.

I'm not Southern...SHEESH, I'm SO not being helpful.

I can answer this. SIGH and WALK AWAY.

Dawn said...

1. It's their world wide ploy to stay up later; they know you can't find that itty bitty thingy they're crying for.
2. I'm stuck on the scarf thing too.
3. I'm a mascara girl myself but they say a great concealer for those under the eye dark circles work wonders.
4. No idea.
5. Sigh, they're gonna pee in it anyway probably and you'd never know. It's sterile, unlike poop, in which case I would drain, scrub and bleach everything withing a 2mile radius of the tub. :)

Char said...

1. Because they are small, of course. Would you want a pillow the size of your entire body for under your head? It's all relative.

2. Umm, I don't do scarves. It's a choking hazard, and I'm too darned hot!! Of course I also feel like I'd be trying to hard- lol!!

3. Lip color, (even a tinted chapstick), and mascara- if you're not an eye rubber. You'll be shocked what a difference these two things make!!

4. Ummm... as you stated, we don't DO cornbread here. I agree that it's a shame,- and if you get a sonic, I just may have to move closer!!!

5. I don't drain. EEEEWWWWW!! Seth pees EVERY SINGLE TIME I put him in the tub. I just hope that the SOAP actually works. Besides, in the Telus Science Center Bathroom, I learned that pee is actually WAY cleaner and less bacteria-filled than tap water, so there you go. Don't be wondering how I learned that- they have all the facts written on the wall!! Lol!

6. I think you are wonderful!

CC said...

Pee in tub? Drain. Make the kid have a "cold time out" while you refill

I wear my scarf 50% of the day. I"m always cold!

Janet said...

I would drain the tub, but that's only because my rotters like to drink the water. And I don't care what ANYONE says about drinking your own pee being good for you....GROSS!!!!

If you're feeling pale, go for the blush, and a bit of mascara. You have PERFECT skin, so you don't have to worry about other stuff as much...:-)

granola_granny said...

For #3, I'm with Janet and Char. I envy your perfect skin, but a little lip cololr and mascara will accent what you've already got.
#5, To drain or not?? If you ever do think it's necessary to drain get the offender to 'help' clean up. I'm still stuck in the era of logical consequences.

JCK said...

Very fun to turn the questions around!

1) Murphy's Law
2) The right color for you is the most important. Go with something that brings out the color of your eyes.
3) Lipstick. You can also use it as blusher and rub it in.
4) I don't know if Trader Joe's is in DFW, but they have a great cornbread mix. Trick is to use buttermilk.
5) Depends on how tired you are.

Char said...

Okay, so I just about died laughing picturing you using JCK's idea and trying to rub lipstick into your cheeks as blush!

If you decide to go ahead with that mission, please- PLEASE blog about it!!

Love you!!!