Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dearest Sprout,

Today you are three.  A day you have been waiting for with great joy and anticipation, not only for the celebration, but for the additional privileges that accompany it.  From today on you will be allowed to have ice in your water and put your own dishes in the dishwasher.  I think these things excite you more than your cake.  The cake that you have talked about ALL YEAR LONG.  You are utterly independent and wish to live every moment of life to it's fullest and these new responsibilities will allow you to do that.

This has been such an amazing year as your personality has come out FULLY this year.  You remind me more of your dad every day, which delights me to no end.  You have inherited his tenacity, his common sense and his sense of humour.  To it you have  added a zest and enthusiasm for life that is utterly contagious.

Wherever you are is a party.  If there isn't enough fun, you will be sure to create it.  There have been many times this year as you are in the midst of being corrected for something that you have interrupted the speaker to exclaim "funny, it's funny".  It's often difficult to continue to instill a moral perspective on the situation which I am certain was your whole intent.
How do I describe you?  Very blond, very thin and very, very boy.  Mischief lurks not only in your eyes but even in the way you bound into room and the very posture you affect to listen to someone.  Your eyes are an endless blue and can shine with the brilliance of diamonds or overbrim with tears effortlessly.  You are well acquainted with drama.  The only thing small about you is your stature and the force of your personality quickly overshadows that.  

If I had to sum up this year in one sentence I might choose "the year of the talking."  There was a lot of it.  An exceeding abundance.  You love to interact and engage and nearly every adult you encounter expresses utter disbelief that you are only two.  You question, joke and respond at a level far beyond what is "expected" for a two year old boy.  While the never ending dialogue can at times wear a mommy out, I do thank your Creator for the gift of knowing exactly what you are thinking and feeling.  It draws us so much closer.   I know that someday I won't be party to all your discoveries and adventures.  So I will cherish the chatter for as long as you choose to share yourself with me.

I am so pleased to be your mommy and to share these past three years with you.  It has been a never-ending adventure filled with more joy that I ever dreamed possible.

Happy Birthday Sprout.




momofthecrazies said...

Sprout - Happy Birthday! We love you!

HG - You described Sprout perfectly.

Dawn said...

Awwwwwwwwww! It makes my heart and eyes overflow when a mother writes of the love she has for her child. Beautiful!

Janet said...


What a great letter to your boy!

granola_granny said...

Happy Birthday to a dynamo kind of guy!
I'll bet his grandparents are just like the ones that I used to encounter when I worked in Woodwards' Toy Dept. They would be looking for a gift for their two year old grandchild and in describing 'him/her' to me. They would say "He's only 2, but just like a 5 year old!".
Have fun celebrating your 3rd Big Day!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Birthday, Sprout! And what a wonderful love letter from your momma!

Knittinchick said...

Sprout... you are one AWESOME kid! You always make me smile... and you remind me that short people WILL take over the earth!

HG-May the birthday celebrations not have worn you out too much.

Anonymous said...

In two days it's your B-day. I know that if Sprout could write he would echo all that love you have written to him back to you. I know he is alot like his Dad & we appreciate that, but we also know that you daily bring out & create for him so much JOY. H.G. your little Spud & Sprout are living proff that loving parents develop loving, chatty, witty, chatty, mischievous, crazy, LOUD, chatty, adorable, special little boys soon to be young men. Well done and Happy Birthday Sprout & H.G.
Love ya, Pa Pa

Anonymous said...

H.G. It's proof. I knew that!

CC said...

Happy happy birthday Sprout!