Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have friends and relatives that have passed the other side of 50.  I notice an interesting phenomenon among some of them.  Every time they forget something, they are certain that their mind is starting to go.  No amount of assuring them that this is indeed normal and they were forgetting things long before they were old a little more advanced can dissuade them.

So, as a service to them I'd like to offer concrete proof that you don't have to be old advanced to lose your mind.

The following events have all taken place last week.

I put the milk away in the pantry.  When my kids called me on it I totally faked them out and pretended that I was just checking to see if they were paying attention.  Yeah.  That was it.

When baking bread the other night I put the bread in the oven, set the timer and went downstairs and completely forgot about the bread.  I also forgot that I am hearing impaired and there is no way on earth I will hear the timer if I am not standing directly in front of it.  Turns out you can bake bread for double the recommended time and not burn it.  You will have four inches of crust, but the bread remains un-scorched.  Good thing my sons will eat anything.

I left the garage door wide open the other night.  All night.  All that was missing was a sign that said "Welcome thieves.  Please take my van and lawn mower.  The spare housekey is in here somewhere too.  Start looking."
Fortunately I also forgot to post the sign so everything was still in place in the morning.

I have misplaced half a cucumber.  It's no longer in my fridge and I can guarantee I did not use it up.  Way Cooler only eats veggies when they are peeled, cut and forced upon him so he's not to blame and while my kids are healthy eaters if they are gonna steal something from the fridge chances are good it will not be a vegetable.  So if you see a lonely half a cucumber somewhere would you mind sending it home?

There are more, but that is all I care to share at this time.  Any more and the nice people from the Department of Families and Children are going to pay me a visit and there is no telling what I'd forget when they are here.


Flea said...

Bwahahaha! That's not age - it's being a mom! We're really not meant to be multi-taskers. Don't let anyone fool you on that one.

thechickadeefeeder said...

Yes, it could be Mom Syndrome, but all the same, perhaps it's time to join the ranks of the Aging! :)

happygeek said...

I am 34.
That's barely an adult. Not at all aging.

Missy said...

Found you through Antique Mommy - Enjoy your blog and unfortunately I can totally relate to this post. Especially to leaving the garage door open - in fact I think I did that last night!

Knittinchick said...

Bwahh hah hah. Try probably leaving your extra keys at friends' home when you visit them. Did I mention that they are out of the country? Hah hah.

Heather of the EO said...

My relatives that are "advanced" do this too... Then I tell them my latest story, but they don't believe it's the same. Whatever.

The other half of your cucumber is probably in the oven mit that hangs on the knob of one of my cupboards. I find all kinds of half eaten veggies in there.

Janet said...

So THAT'S where the cucumber came from. :-)

Loved this post. Especially the part about the sign that says "Welcome Thieves". I actually laughed out loud at that part!

granola_granny said...

AS one of your aging relations, I have to admit the most dangerous place for me to put something is in a 'safe place'. I think I'm also related to the 'squirrel' family.
Take heart, at age 34 or 35 I got interrupted while looking in the freezer. Four days later our noses led us to the whole salmon and tub of ice cream I had left sitting beside the freezer. Aarg!

Maddy said...

Ooo we seem to share the same life! Well done on your award.

CC said...

I love to fake out the kids with the milk trick. Bwhahahaha. Sure, I'm faking it. ;)

Mad Penguin said...

Haha, so funny! But don't worry, it's not the age. Because if it is, i'm 24 now and I don't know how absent minded I'll be when I'm 34. I've done things like that. Seasoned my chickens for dinner. Got a phone call from mum. Talked to mum for an hour. Get off the phone, did laundry and watch Tv. Forgot all about the halfway seasoned chicken. Happens all the time.