Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Back (and You Can Leave a Comment. Really. That'd Be Super.)

So, miss me?

(Crickets Chirping.)

We had a super vacation. We drove all the way to the West Coast to visit some family, and then spent a few days in the Okanagan with some friends and then headed back home. Being a former teacher I am always on the look-out for educational opportunities, even on holidays. So, I thought I'd share with you some of the lessons I learned this holiday.

* The cute binoculars from the dollar store are not really all that great for seeing things, but super fun for a three year old to take apart. Over and over again.

*Three year olds are only good at taking apart binoculars. Not putting them back together. That is a mommy job. Repeatedly.

*It is a bit tricky to pack two weeks of stuff into a Civic but it can be done.

*The air conditioner on said Civic is broken. I learned this bit of trivia about three hours into our vacation. Way Cooler forgot to share this bit of info when we were deciding what vehicle to take. The spacious van or the itty-bitty Civic.

*Most of the interior of BC was experiencing a major heat wave. Record breaking even.

*I have more self-control than I realized. Way Cooler is still living.

* All the neat colouring activities and games I had planned for the car ride were a bit useless when all the windows are open and the car is going 100 K/hr.

* My children will listen to the same book on CD of Frog and Toad are Still Friends for three hours straight. Woe to the fool who suggests a different CD.

* Whoever invented the splash pad was a freaking genius. My kids went to three different ones on their holiday and each time it was like we had given them a puppy and a free trip to Disney.

* They are no longer collecting toll on the Coquihalla highway. Which was basically Disney for the two tightwads in the front seat.

* Some McDonald's restaurants have one cent ice cream cones. They are smaller than an infant's fist, but my kids thought they were the cat's meow.

*When one's car has no air-conditioning and the windows are open one's hair routine will consist of the following. Shower with huge gobs of conditioner. Pull out knots from hair for fifteen minutes. Comb hair straight back. Put in headband. Airdry and go. Glamour it was not.

* I can go two weeks and only read blogs once and still live. Shocking. I didn't even have withdrawal much.

* Taking my kids to the ocean for the first time and crab hunting was probably one of the funnest* things I have ever done in my life. Their joy knew no bounds. We had to pry them away from the ocean with a crowbar.

*Taking a vacation with children is very fun. Relaxing, no. But over the top fun.

* I am aware that funnest isn't a word. It should be. So, since it is my blog, I will use it:).


Knittinchick said...

ROTFL-Way Cooler is still living! Cars with no air conditioning in heat waves are miserable. I speak from experience and had an involuntary shudder on your behalf!

granola_granny said...

When we spoke during your holiday your reference to feeling akin to a 'roasted chicken' held deep meaning for me as I too, have known the unjoy of driving without AC.

a Tonggu Momma said...

You've been missed. :) And my momma about killed the Colonel when he came home (in 1972, just after their wedding) with an air-conditioner-less Dodge Dart. My daddy replied, "We could afford the radio OR the AC. I chose the radio." My momma wailed, "but WHY???" And my daddy said, "umm... have you HEARD me sing?"

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm so impressed you were able to take a two week break and not feel it. Although, I think vacations make it easier. It's much harder for me to stay away from the blog world during an ordinary Wednesday (for example) than it is when I'm in San Diego, getting ready to spend a day at the beach.

Nicole said...

This year, I had my very first vacation with kids that I actually enjoyed! We had a great time (also in the Okanagan).

Anonymous said...

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