Friday, August 14, 2009


You need to know two things about Spud.

1. He is the most literal child on the planet.

2. He is utterly and completely addicted to movies. TV. Commercials. You name it. If it flickers, he must watch it. Because I am an evil mom I greatly limit his TV intake. This just about kills him. If he isn't watching a movie he is talking about them. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. AND AGAIN. He could be at Disneyland and would ask to go watch some TV. I SO WISH I WAS KIDDING.

Anyway, Kelly recently talked about kids and jokes. I thought this might be fun for Spud now that he is five so I looked up a bunch online and proceeded to try this out. I had to look some up because most of the ones I know are from my dad and are maybe not totally appropriate for the pre-school set. If you catch my drift.

The following is our first joke conversation.

HG: Hey Spud. I've got a joke for you. What does a cow watch?

Spud: The grass? Other cows? The sky?

HG: No buddy. They watch Mooovies.

Spud: What kind of movies do they watch?

HG: Oh buddy, it's a joke. MOOO-vies.

Spud: I like movies. My favorite is Larryboy and the Bad Apple. Hey can we watch a movie now? I've been obeying. Please?

HG: No buddy we are doing jokes. Remember, mooovies?

Spud: I love movies. Can I watch Larryboy? It's my favorite. He flies in a rocket and catches the bad apple. Can we watch one now?

HG: What about the jokes?

Spud: Larryboy likes jokes.

And then my head exploded.


Janet said...

You would look weird with an exploded head. But at least you wouldn't have to hear about Larryboy anymore.

Nicole said...

My older son used to identify with Doc Hudson from Cars. Anything you would say, he would reply "Doc does that too!". "Oh, that man is walking a dog". "Doc walks his dog too!". It got so I started twitching whenever Doc came up.

granola_granny said...

But once they learn to tell jokes they can drive you to drink. There was a time that I thought my head would explode with Kindergarten jokes. They are the ulimate worst.
Guess what?
That's what!!! "Ha Ha Ha", says the kid and leaves you looking for a place to throw up.

momofthecrazies said...

I agree with Granola Granny. The jokes we hear around the house go something like this:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Tree who?
Tree in the backyard that has leaves.

Why aren't you laughing mom?

a Tonggu Momma said...

Something tells me this child will not be punny.

Anonymous said...

That is SOOOOO Spud!!