Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Still Here and I'm Not Even in a Corner Sobbing

It's been a rather busy week. A week that makes me very grateful for 7 quick takes. So here it is, the back to school version!

1. Spud's first day of Kindergarten was Tuesday. Which was also the day I posted the incredibly depressing poem about my children running into the future without me. I just kind of forgot the whole "they are still here for another 15 years or so" thing. And by here I mean my house, not that they only have 15 years to live. Because then I really would be sobbing in a corner. Sorry to subject you to all that angst. Or as much angst as a suburban housewife can muster.

2. Spud's class has fourteen students. 3 of whom are girls. Yep, eleven 5 year old boys. Let's all take a moment to say a special prayer for Mrs. D. Because if I had that ratio I'd need a few male helpers. Like Jack and Jose.

3. Three weeks ago when all the kids were out of school it was 7 degrees out. Now that everyone is back in it's 30. Sorry my American friends, I am feeling lazy and don't feel like translating that into Fahrenheit. Basically, it was jacket weather and now it is tank-top time. Gotta love the irony.

4. Spud is adjusting really well to K. He is quite excited and is a fountain of information about what happened during the day. Sprout is adjusting even better to having me to himself everyday. Mommy may not be adjusting quite as well as he feels the need to speak Every.Single.Second that Spud is in school. I may or may not have uttered the following phrase today "if you are not quiet for the next three minutes mommy is going to LOSE HER MIND." I think that bought me 18 seconds of peace, but at this point I will take what I can get.

5. A note for fellow cheap-o Calgarians, on Saturday the library is hosting a read away your fines day. For every 15 minutes you read in the library they will pardon 2 dollars of fines. So, the boys will have an extended story time on Saturday morning. Not that I ever have fines. Nope. Not at all. Never. Not me.

6. Two fellow bloggers just had or were referred new babies. You need to go see the deliciousness. Quite honestly, both deserve medals, Nicole because she birthed a 10 pound, 10 oz baby and Catherine because she has waited for 3 and a half years for this moment. Congrats to both of them.

7. I made these for supper tonight. OH MY WORD. The utter deliciousness. I used summer squash instead of zucchini and cooked the quesadillas in the pan instead of the oven but other than that stayed true to the recipe. Yummy. For those of you familiar with my husband, rest assured he was not here. He wouldn't touch these with a ten foot pole. That's more veggies than he normally eats in a month. But if you are not veggie-a-phobic, you gotta try them. GOT TO.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Aww.. I wish we lived closer so I could take you out for coffee. Actually, scratch that... with that weather, maybe we should go get ice cream. This transition time is difficult, isn't it?

As for Nicole - umm... ouch? And yeah for Catherine - FINALLY!!!!

This Heavenly Life said...

You have my full permission to wax poetic/angsty about your son beginning kindergarten. My daughters started preschool a couple weeks ago, and my blog was magically transformed into a sad and lonely place. I can't imagine how it'll change when kindergarten is involved. I probably WILL be sobbing in a corner.

momofthecrazies said...

I wouldn't say your poem was incredibly depressing. Heart wrenching maybe, but not depressing!

I'm working on a poem for you, but I'm stuck on the last line. Maybe I'll have it done for this weekend!

Knittinchick said...

As the one who was fortunate to be cooked that delightful quesadilla-I still have happy memories of the yumminess that it was! AMAZING!!! You're obviously raising not quite as veggie phobics 'cuz they seemed to do pretty well.

Melissa said...

Love this recap! I can relate to so much of it! You crack me up every time I visit.
Except for the poem. That just made me cry.

Christine said...

You linked to my park! I sooooooo needed that today! :)

Hugs and smoochies.

CC said...

I love that you are too lazy to look up those temp conversions...and I am too! Does it get tank top weather in Canada????

And that tiny K class is amazing. Our K classes have 30 kids in them. And near-by school districts have 35+!

Nicole said...

Ah, my new kindergartener is also a fountain of information!