Friday, September 11, 2009

Is it Friday Already?

My goodness this week has whipped by. I'm not certain that we actually got 7 whole days this week. Someone must have taken one away somewhere. This helps back up my theory that the warmer the weather, the faster the week. January is actually 564 days long.

Thank heavens for 7 Quick Takes. Jennifer is a certified genius for coming up with this carnival.

1. The 40th anniversary I referred to the other day was not mine. Thank-you to my favorite Smart Alecs for pointing out that it wasn't that clear. My parents were the ones celebrating this rather large milestone. We had a wonderful day of church, family and lots and lots of food. I'm still working on a post about them and their anniversary. At the rate I'm going it will be ready for their 45th, but the intent is there.

2. On our deck we have a large box that I store the boy's outdoor toys in. It sits against the railing and the boys were climbing on it the other day. This wasn't very safe as they could fall over so I told them to not climb on it again. In an attempt to obey me (a very lame attempt I might add) this is the solution Sprout came up with. He took a lawn chair and put it on top of the box and then stood on that. When I started yelling at gently correcting him he pointed out that I had not said anything about a chair.

Who can argue with that kind of logic? So I have now banned him from being near, looking at or even thinking about the box. Problem solved.

3. I have a question for all of you with good hair. I now style my hair with just the blowdryer and a round brush. It works well except for one minor detail. Every time I do my hair my ears feel like they are going to burn right off my head. Which would be inconvenient as I'd then have no place to rest my hearing aids.* So, is there anything I can do to protect my ears from the intense heat they have to endure day in and day out?

4. Sprout started a gym class on Wednesdays at the Y and I have decided that there is NOTHING in the world that is cuter than a bunch of three year old boys attempting to score baskets in the adult basketball net. They were all cheering each other on as their balls went about three feet up and then landed with a thud, yet they kept trying. Not only is Sprout having a very good time, it is unparented which means I have an hour to MYSELF every Wednesday afternoon. Cue angels singing. Loudly.

5. Recently my body has decided that this whole sleeping thing is not cool anymore. I'm not exactly sure I agree with my body, but hey, I do get more blogging time in. It is currently 3:30 am. Anybody got some good tips on how to get back to sleep in the middle of the night? ANYONE? PLEASE?

6. We have a very lovely lady at our church named Carla. She is a wonderful, Godly lady whom I am enjoying getting to know as she has just joined our home group. My problem? Every.Single.Time I hear her name I think Karla Homolka instead of her proper last name. I have come within a syllable of referring to her by Homolka at church on more than one occasion. Referring to her as one of Canada's most notorious criminals may not be the best way to say "welcome to our group."

7. Maritime musicians rock. If you haven't seen this you really need to. Only in Canada would someone create a music video about the poor customer service they have received.

For more quick takes, see Jennifer at Conversion Diary.

*For those of you new here, I actually do wear hearing aids. The uber-cool behind the ear ones. So, actually having ears is not only aesthetically pleasing, it makes for better conversations with me as well.


momofthecrazies said...

Still my favourite video (although I'm going to be singing the song all day again!)

a Tonggu Momma said...

As you failed to link to me, I can only assume I am STILL a favorite, but not a Smart Alec. And I take great comfort in that thought. Although I cannot say the same for poor Janet and Kelly.

As for getting back to sleep at 3:30 AM... don't blog. Although I fail to follow my own advice.

Marie said...

"So I have now banned him from being near, looking at or even thinking about the box. Problem solved."

Oh, you foolish, foolish woman. You should never have said that out loud. Especially if he's taking gym class.

Sleep -- check with your doctor and all the regular disclaimers, but melatonin.

Burned ears -- just go everywhere with wet hair. I remember a Garrison Keiller (sp?) sketch where he claimed one Lutheran denomination broke away so that they could go to church with wet hair. . . I considered converting.

Found you on quick takes, thanks for the fun post.

Emily said...

I can't claim to have good hair, but I do have sensitive ears. If I were you I'd stop the round brush completely. Switch to velcro rollers. (Just dry your hair and then roll it while it's still warm. Leave the curlers alone while you brush your teeth, then take them out and you're done!)

Nicole said...

Ah, I love #2. You have to be specific in your requests!

Tami Boesiger said...

If you figure out the sleeping thing, clue the rest of us in, babe. It can't be I'm getting older, right?

delucchi family said...

Thanks for the late night laugh.
Have you tried the warm milk and wiskey for the sleep?
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing at Sprout and his lawn chair idea. Oh how well do I remember visiting your parents one sunny summer day, they were having a lawn sale and you were playing in the sand box. When all of a sudden nature called and I can still hear you say, as you stood up in a loud clear voice, my mommy should have told me not to pee in the sand box.

Heather of the EO said...

My travels-for-work husband is sitting here listening to the YouTube video w/ me and he said, "yeah, United is the worst."


The chair thing cracked me up too. Tricky kiddos.

Knittinchick said...

For hair: Use the cool blast button when you are right by your ears.... that would be great.

RE: the deck box. Someday I will be as brilliant as your three year old son!

Anonymous said...

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