Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Rather Hesitant to Stick a Title Here

Hey there.

Is it just me or is this blog getting rather dusty?

I am very hesitant to classify what I do on the blog as "writing" but I am having a bout of writer's block. It HAS been busy around here, but when I do get a chance to sit and blog, I stare and stare at the computer screen. Or I type stuff that makes me want to hang my head and cry.

The other day I had 30 minutes free just to blog. I got down the following in that time.

Two weeks ago it was plus thirty. It was amazing. Today it is topping out at 1 and is currently snowing. Which is the opposite of amazing.

The exact opposite.

Yep. It took me half an hour to write five pitiful sentences about the weather.

Yee haw.

So, if you notice some re-runs in the next week or so, I'm just trying to keep this blog from becoming the weather network.

I'll be back.

I hope.


Knittinchick said...

Don't worry.... Spud and Sprout will soon bust out some new moves that will give you way more material to fill pages and pages of bloggy love!

Nicole said...

Hey, I understand - the cold gives a person a bit of brain freeze! My husband took the day off optimistically to go golfing. HAHAHA. The course is closed.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I've been missing you... even if all you do is talk about the weather.

CC said...

I'm down to once a week blogging at this point. And even that is hard. !!!

Anonymous said...

What charming topic