Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. Because of all the sick, all four of us have been home pretty much non-stop for ten days. No school, no church, no park outings, just us, here. I realized that maybe it was getting to me a little bit the other night after I put the kids to bed. Since they've been sick they have been getting out of bed for every little reason, something they normally never do. I really DID NOT want to deal with anything more so I hid in a closet. Seriously. I went to the storage closet in my laundry room and read there for 45 minutes. At one point I realized that I was sitting on the floor, next to the vacuum hiding from my kids. Maybe I wasn't handling the whole sick thing as well as I thought.

2. The other night I made this chicken for supper. I really wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it was very moist and super tasty. Spud kept calling it Swiss Chalet chicken. Which in our house is a supreme compliment because Swiss Chalet chicken ranks right up there with ice cream and chocolate. Plus, I got two meals out of the chicken aannnddd made two liters of chicken stock. All that from a 5 buck chicken that required zero effort on my part.. It just does not get better than that my friends.

3. Pomegranates are now in season. My kids almost jumped out of the cart for sheer joy the last time they were in a grocery store. I like them too, but I cannot quite fathom the level of happiness my kids get out of this fruit. I wish the suckers weren't quite so expensive, but when my kids willingly eat something that good for them, I grudgingly shell out.

4. My boys make up their own prayers at mealtimes. It's a good way for them to learn to express real gratitude, plus it's cheap entertainment for us. Recently Sprout had slipped into using the same prayer over and over again as fast as he can. So, the other night Way Cooler told him he had to pray a nice, new prayer. This is how it started. "Deaaaar Desus. This is a nnneeeeewwwwww prayer." I can't remember anything after that as I was laughing too hard to even breath. Told ya. Cheap entertainment.

5. I am a technical weenie. Doe anyone know how to have the 7 quick takes banner actually show up on a post? I've tried a bunch of things and none work. I like to comfort myself that I at least know how to work a mouse. There may or may not be people related to me who find that a challenge. So, I come by my technical illiteracy honestly.

6. There are a whole bunch of bloggers right now in El Salvador. If you click on the link in my side bar (or here or here) you will be directed to their posts. Go. Read. Learn. Be changed. Sponsor.

7. Seriously. Go read a compassion blogger. I've been reading the posts with the boys looking over my shoulder. It's been a great time to talk with them about how much we have and how little others have. It's put a face to a concept that is so horribly abstract for someone raised in such affluence. I think my boys might be "getting it." Their mom is too.

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Gae said...

With the banner for the 7 quick takes. You ahve to right click save it onto your computer, say in pictures. Then as you do a post you click on the adda picture button and upload from your computer save it from there.
I hope that helps.
I love it when our children pray out loud too. It opens up their heart for us to see.
God Bless

Nicole said...

I have also hidden from the children. Although, I don't have a big closet, so I have hidden in the bathroom and locked the door. Eeep!

This Heavenly Life said...

That prayer is cracking me up! So cute.

I'd never thought of the laundry room before...

Heather of the EO said...

This is a nnnnnneeeeeewwww comment.

I can't imagine being cooped up that long with all the sick! UGH. Sorry.

And I heart Compassion.

CC said...

Puffy heart smiles on the hiding in the closet. I think I would too if I was you! My classroom at work is like a big closet and I've been known to hide out there as well.

Beck said...

We have been sick off and on for weeeeeeeks. I have a friend who homeschools her boys but they're sick on alternating weeks so we NEVER see them.