Thursday, January 7, 2010

What NOT to borrow

Once again, I am participating in Sarah's book carnival. This is where I tell you what we found at the library that we LOVED. The problem this week is that this week's library finds THRILLED my boys. Me, not so much. It's as if every annoying book in the library found it's way into our bag.


So, without further ado I give you a list of books to pull back out of the library bag after some eager pre-schooler has placed them there.

A Birthday for Cow. There is very little dialogue and the pictures are OVERbright, but apparently the punch line about a turnip is gut-splittingly HILARIOUS. Because really , is there anything funnier than a root vegetable? Not in this book there isn't.

I Love Trucks. The problem with this one is that the boys like it because on time in a fit of boredom from reading it for the 784th time I started to roll all the r's. This is even funnier to them than a root vegetable. Not only is the story waaay too young for my kids, I feel like I'm auditioning for a Roll up the Rim commercial. However, this is truly the ultimate book for a toddler boy with an obsession with anything that moves.

Look-Alikes Around the World I used to like this book. Six months ago. Now the mere sight of it makes my eyes bleed. We take it out a LOT. Basically it is everyday item used to make postcards from around the world. Picture brussel sprouts at the Taj Mahal and Grecian ruins made of pasta and dice. Yes, it is as cheesy as it sounds. While it is fun for my kids to look and find stuff, I'd rather they do this one ALONE.

There was one book I did like this week. The boys LOVED it too.

Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve. I had never read any of the Minerva books before and this one was perfect for my boys. It was pre-schooler funny, the pictures were cute and my boys got very involved in the simple story. VERY involved. I liked it because it had no hidden lesson, it wasn't too simplistic, it was just about a rather dumb chicken. Without being stupid. I cannot wait to find the other Minerva books.

So what about you? What did you find this week? Head over to Sarah at This Heavenly Life and play along!

P.S. I read a book for me this week that I want to tell you about, but I'm thinking it gets it's own special post. My week wasn't ALL turnips and talking chickens. Praise God for that.


This Heavenly Life said...

I'm so glad to hear you liked Minerva! I've *almost* checked out one of those books so many times, but changed my mind at the last minute. The covers turn me off, and I don't usually look inside if the cover isn't what I usually like. I guess the old adage IS true :) Thank you so much for participating again!

Lenae said...

I Love Trucks looks like something my little boys would adore. Unfortunately for them, they'll have to enjoy it as it is because I lack the ability to roll my r's ;)

Emily said...

I think what NOT to borrow should be a whole new meme! We often come home with terrible books and I think "Why didn't somebody WARN me about this one?" So, thanks!

*Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve* sounds fun though, and I already like saying the title!

Nicole said...

Worst children's books ever: Scooby Doo Early Readers. DO NOT BORROW, PURCHASE, OR OTHERWISE ALLOW IN YOUR HOUSE.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am beginning to loathe Amelia Bedelia. I'm just saying...

Me In Life said...

The cow book is definitely something I can see being dropped in our bag, so thanks for the warning!! The look alikes book does sound great, maybe only for a short stint, like checking it out from the library instead of purchasing.

A what not to read sounds very useful!! I have also come home with books thinking, why did I check this one out??