Thursday, January 28, 2010

A List

1. The other day my house was a disaster that would never be clean again EVER, my kids were whiny, needy and JUST TOO LOUD and I had this overwhelming desire to go after my husband with a blunt object. Then I did some counting on the calendar. Maybe it wasn't them. Maybe it was just me Yep. It's the most wonderful time of the month. So I had a chocolate or six and went to bed. Sometimes it's best just to go hide.

2. This semester at my Mom's morning out I am doing a Bible study on the Psalms. It's fascinating. It also has a fair bit of homework. I am also participating with my whole church in reading the New Testament in 100 days, plus I am trying to be a part of Elizabeth Esther's book club on Evangelical is Not Enough. I may have bitten off a little bit more than I can chew. And by may I mean for absolute certain. This may explain the thick layer of dust this blog is getting.

3. Ever since Nicole mentioned it on her blog the other day I have had the theme music from the 88 winter Olympics running through my head. It has brought back memories best left alone. When the Olympics were here my brother learned to play the theme on the piano. And he played it. And played it. And played it some more. And yet, never with a level of proficiency that would make it worth listening to. I think my mom finally hid the sheet music so we could retain what little was left of our sanity.

4. Is it just me or are skinny jeans just getting skinnier and skinnier? I saw some prepubescent girls in some yesterday that I am certain required some form of lubricant to get on and off. I am not exactly sure how they were able to maintain circulation in their legs.

5. And can I say how thrilled I am that I do not have girls so that I do not have to explain exactly why we won't be wearing skinny jeans in our house.

6. I, like many of you have been reading the Livesay blog from Haiti. If you don't you really ought to. They bring a perspective on the crisis that you just can't get on the news. Plus, it has helped me remember to pray for the Haitian people even though it isn't at the front of the news media anymore.

7. Hey January! You're outta here! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buh-bye you bleak month of nothing fun! Hello February, you might be cold, but you bring Valentines day, Family day (it's a statutory holiday here in Alberta) and there are only 28 days to ya. I can endure anything for 28 days.

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momofthecrazies said...

Just when I finally got the 88 Olympic Theme Song out of my head you go and put it back in. I'm going to have to hide your chocolate!

Janet said...

When I was growing up, I played "Study Number 10" a BILLION times until my dad forbade me to play it once more. At my wedding, he did a little speech about Study No. 10 and he tore it up right in front of me. I laughed so hard! :-)

Nicole said...

Whenever the kids are just horrible and everything is wrong and my husband is the world's biggest jerk, I get a visit from my "friend" the next day. Don't you hate the term "friend"?

I hear you on the skinny jeans. Glad to have boys. My SIL, in the 70's, used to put her jeans on still wet so they would dry nice and tight on her body. She needed to use a wire coat hanger to pull up the zipper.

Da da da da da da da da DAH. (Olympic theme)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

You do know January doesn't end until Sunday, right?

But I share your enthusiasm. February is easy. March is a slog, but at least winter is dying then. January is just long, dark and frigid. If you can survive this month, you can survive winter.

Debbie said...

February is a great month. Two of my kids have birthdays that month too. Here's to saying goodbye to January!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Skinny jeans are really only for skinny people... although most of us aren't skinny anymore, now, are we?