Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Up until recently, Spud had no idea that there was a difference between boys and girls. Spud has never been known for his powers of observation. Quite honestly, I think Sprout clued him in. So now, the boys are obsessed with "boy things" and "girl things." This saddens me greatly because it was rather cute to watch them fight over the pink cup and even better to watch their dad's reaction.

Dora has finally been abandoned in favour of Diego and anything "girlie" is violently rejected. On the other hand, they are much more aware that girls are different and more open to some basic lessons in modern day chivalry. Which is awesome.

The other day we were discussing Sprout's upcoming birthday. He was happily cataloging for me all the things he would like and I was bursting his cute little bubble. It's kind of pointless to buy a Wii game when one does not own a Wii, nor are we adding a pet any time soon. In order to distract him I asked the boys what they were going to get me for my upcoming birthday.

They both decided that I needed something for a girl.

Spud told me that he would tell me what he was going to get me as long as promised to forget it right away. So, before I keep my promise, I have to tell you.

What 35 year old wouldn't be delighted to receive Barbie and the Three Musketeers?

Maybe this one.

In his defense, I think he talked with his cousins to whom that particular DVD is Da Bomb (Look at me all hip and slangy) and then extrapolated that I too would be utterly delighted with animated airheads trashing a classic story about friendship and loyalty.

Not to be outdone, Sprout too figured I needed something girlie.

It looks like I'm also getting a tutu. And dancing shoes.

I'll wait till those of you who know me IRL to stop laughing.

I adore dance. The watching of it. The doing of it, not so much. As my dad so succinctly put it, when I was little and pretended to be a ballerina I moved with all the grace of a baby elephant.

Some things never change. Except now I more closely resemble the momma elephant.

If I were to don the tutu and dance I'd probably end up in traction. But at least I'd have something to watch.


momofthecrazies said...

I'm still giggling over you in a tutu. I love dad's description of you doing ballet. In all fairness, we call Crazy #2's ballet "Kung Fu Ballet".

And next time you're here, we're going to tie you to a chair and make you watch Barbie and the Three Muskateers.

Knittinchick said...

bahahah..... i happen to know people who'll be around for your b-day.....

I'm going to get you shiny and sparkly tights to coordinate with your tutu!

Nicole said...

Jake suggested the other day that I might like a Pinkie Pie My Little Pony, this after I told them that I had a purple one when I was a kid. So, maybe I'll have to send it your way. It would go great with a tutu.

CC said...

and you'd look so cute!!

My son used to dress in princess costumes regularly. We have SO many blackmail pics of him looking just adorable in a cinderella dress. Can't wait to show these to his future wife!

Janet said...

Well I, for one, would LOVE to see you dance. And I think you should put it on Youtube, too.

granola_granny said...

I'm with Janet! Maybe Knittin could bring along an appropriate camera should there be the gift of a tutu. If you dance like SOME of your relatives this movie could be as entertaining as the 3 you know whos.

Beck said...

I saw Barbie and The Three Muskateers. While not GOOD, it's not as awful as you might think. But it's still pretty awful.

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