Monday, March 15, 2010

And Now You are Four

Dear Sprout,

Tomorrow you turn four.

That's CRAZY.

People keep telling me to enjoy these days as they go so fast. It's really a bit unnecessary as I am totally aware that 5 minutes ago you were a squalling, fussy baby and now you are this slender preschooler with a dazzling wit and killer smile.

Your zest for life blows all of us away. To you, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet, every object higher than you is for climbing and silence means an opportunity to share. And share and share and share some more.

This year you've amazed us with how much you have learned just by watching and trying. You knew all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds right around your third birthday and recently started to write things. Without me ever instructing you. You just got tired of watching Spud-y "do school" and you wanted to too. You spied a two wheeler at a gym time one day, climbed on and you were off. No matter that it was really too big for you, you jumped on like you were born to ride. There isn't much you can't conquer.

You love a good time. All the time. Even when being disciplined you sport your trademark grin, complete with one cocked eyebrow. Living with you is one big party.

You are mischievous, full of personality and ALL BOY.

You make our family complete.

Happy Birthday Buddy.




Knittinchick said...

Dear Sprout-now that you are four, i must get better at hiding my smiles when you make me want to die laughing from your wit and insight!

Nothing passes you by such as the time that you asked me six weeks later for the annoying blowers that we threw out after New Year's Eve!

You are such a delight, joy and I love you! You always make my day when I get to see you bouncing up and down with your love, stories and (truly) zest for life!

Char said...

Happy Birthday Sprout!!

Lady Why said...

Happy Birthday to Sprout!! My own baby girl is 20 today. Yikes!! When did THAT happen??? O_O

Nicole said...

Happy birthday to Sprout!

I love age four. Someone told me it was the WORST AGE EVER, but four year olds are very fun, I think.

momofthecrazies said...

Happy birthday Sprout-er. The Crazies and your aunt and uncle think you're pretty cool. You've got more personality in your little toe than most people do in their entire body! Enjoy being four!

Janet said...

Sounds like a fun kid! ANd a smart one. And a sweet one. And...well, Happy Birthday, Sprout!!!!