Monday, June 14, 2010

Me and the Clampetts

When Way Cooler was growing up his family lived on a lake. Every morning they woke and looked out back to see clear blue water, hills covered with deep green foliage and the flight of numerous waterbirds.

Now Way Cooler wakes and looks out back at this.

And this.

He cries a lot.

Aren't our back-yard neighbours (both sets of them) KLASSY?

That first photo? The dead sod? Well, it IS good to see it finally laid out after two years of being rolled up and sitting beside the house, but I have a funny feeling that unless Benny Hinn pays a visit, that sod is gonna stay dead. Just a hunch.

The rest of the yard, last year they sprinkled some grass seed. And walked away. No water, no fertilizer, just the seed VS the weeds. Guess which won? Oh, and I did mention no lawn mower? You could have hid a body in the mess back there. Maybe that was the point.

And as for the fountain, well, that broke in snowstorm. Six months ago. I'm giving them one more week to fix it and then I am over to set it up right. JUST KIDDING.


Well at least we can pretend it's a lake.


Tez said...

he he! looks like I have rivals for worst yard care EVAH! Allergies and eczema prevent me from doing yard work so mine always looks retarded and overgrown and unkempt. I have dreams of better but ya know, it hasn't happened so far.

Knittinchick said...

they unfurled the dead things. Maybe they are trying to be very eco-friendly and Reuse dead things.

Nicole said...

Seriously, they laid the sod after two years?? That's too funny. I hope there's not actually a body back there. My across the street neighbour, he keeps his lawn mowed very nicely. Unfortunately he kept a dead deer in his back yard one winter. For the whole winter. Have I mentioned that before? Only like a thousand times, but that's because there was a DEAD DEER in his backyard. Maybe he's friends with your neighbours. They'd get along I think.

momofthecrazies said... the weeds on my lawn aren't looking so bad!

Leanne said...

We have backyard neighbor problems too... he hasn't mowed his lawn yet this year! At this point I don't think he'd even get a lawn mower through the mess. We've talked of getting him a goat to eat the grass, and hopefully it'll also eat the cord on his stereo... we have issues with that too.

JCK said...

It's good to see that someone is stil blogging. :) I hope you are well. And enjoying the oncoming summer season.