Friday, June 25, 2010

A whole Bunch of Nothing


I had my six week visit with my surgeon this week. He gave me the OK to drive. Woot woot. So now I am back where I belong, screeching "It's the pedal on the right" at hapless seniors who treat the highway like their driveway. It's bliss.

Speaking of the surgery, last week I noticed that one teeny end of the incision had a small infection. I decided to do what any prudent blogger would do, I tweeted about it. The answers were rather unequivocal. I got me to a Dr. posthaste. Thank-you to my fellow bloggers for cyber yelling at me. I got some antibitics and it cleared up.


Does anyone know any good knock knock jokes? I am trying to teach my children the art of joke telling. I know all kids have a wacky sense of humour but this is stretching it.
knock knock.
Who's there?
Red light.
Red light who?
Red light banana. AH HAHAHAHA.

ALL THE LIVELONG DAY. Please help me. Please.


If you live near a Bass Pro Shop, I TOTALLY recommend their summer camp. We killed nearly two hours and everything was free. The boys had a blast and because we went on a weekday, it wasn't crowded at all. PLUS, now we are edumacated about camping. Which is as close to camping as I hope to get.


Spud has his heart set on having a Larryboy cake for his upcoming birthday. I have trouble with frosting a 9x13. So, I had come up with the brilliant idea of having a photo cake made with a printed pic of Larryboy. Only it turns out that they can't because of copyright stuff. So, what now? Ideas? Or am I going to be fussing with fondant in a couple of weeks? Which should be good for a week's worth of posts.


We had our first meal out on the deck today as it was finally warm enough. Hallelujah. Carrots and peaches just taste better when one is sitting drenched in the sun. PLUS, it's very nice to have the mess my children make while eating confines to the out of doors.


This has become my children's new favorite clip. If you've got any bored pre-schoolers lying around , call them over. This is another one of those things that I do not understand at ALL, but it works like a charm in the house of geek to get them smiling and laughing their heads off.

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Milehimama said...

Make a 9x13, frost it, then use those prefilled tubes of frosting to draw Larryboy. Draw the shape out with a toothpick in the white frosting, first.

Then, print off a pic of Larry, cut out his eyes and mouth, and stick it on your green blobular Larry shape.

I have totally cheated before and made cupcakes, bought stickers with the character on it, and stuck them to toothpicks in the cupcakes before too!

Nicole said...

My husband and dad took the boys to Bass Pro just for fun and they had the best time! They loved it, I didn't know they had summer camps. The boys want me to go, with the tantalizing "There are animals there that used to be alive! And now they are dead." You don't say?

momofthecrazies said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as milehimama. If you can't find stickers, print off pictures, stick them on popsicle sticks and stick them in the cupcake. Ice the cupcakes with Larryboy colors. Plus if you use cupcakes, you don't have to cut up the cake either!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I cannot help you with the knock knock jokes. Or with cakes and cupcakes. I fail at both. And the Tongginator definitely fails at the knock knock jokes. She's six-and-a-half and still telling the "dirty stinky feet" one. ????

Lizzie said...

My little sister (2) LOVES Veggie Tales....and Saint Nicholas. I don`t know how many times I`ve watched Donuts for Benny. :)

SKE said...

My now 5yo wanted a Pirates Who Don't Do Anything cake for his last birthday, and I ran into the same problems. So what happened was we went to the local giant grocery store to flip through their cake book to "see" if they happened to have any Veggie Tales. They didn't, but when the 5yo saw all the other designs available he quickly decided (unprompted by me!) that he wanted another cake instead. Superman, I think. So that's a subtle diversion strategy to try.

Char said...

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the tub I'm dwowning!!

Also, you could just put a little figurine on the cake, if you have one. That's what I usually do!! Lol!

Anonymous said...

My kids favorite one lately is

knock knock who's there
boo who
don't cry it's just a joke!!!

but multiple times daily it does lose it's humor

granola_granny said...

Fresh our of knock knock jokes, but do have two chicken ones.

Why did the car cross the road?
Because the chicken was driving.

Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was the chicken's day off.

Anonymous said...

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