Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chocolates, Flowers or an Air Gauge

Today is our 14th anniversary.

We're not real big on over-the top celebrations so we'll be celebrating today by hanging out as a family. We've spent several anniversaries apart, one with a coughing new-born and one in a Civic in a heat wave without AC, so just hanging out is rather nice.

A few days ago Way Cooler noticed that the air was getting low on one of my tires. He mentioned it to me and I had full plans of getting to it in a day or two when I was running errands. I am no stranger to filling up the air in my tires because while we adore our Toyota, the tires our Sienna came with leaked air faster than a beach ball from the dollar store. I have added air in the snow and the rain, in a skirt and always with two small observers. I am a rather independent sort and quite capable of handing the day to day minutia of my vehicle.


I was not looking forward to doing it this time as bending still causes me a fair bit of pain. The next evening Way Cooler took my van and the boys and did it for me. I almost cried I was so happy. To me, romance is doing the little things. I had fifteen minutes alone to make dinner AND they took the van through the car wash as well. It doesn't get better than that.

Don't get me wrong, I do like flowers and notes and candy, but in every day living, fourteen years in, an errand run when I didn't even have to ask for it is better than a box of chocolates.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart.


Nicole said...

Happy anniversary! I'm with you, the little things like adding air to the tires (or, in my case, Miracle Gro-ing my garden) are TRULY romantic!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Happy anniversary to you and Way Cooler.

(Hint: Your 15th anniversary is the oil change anniversary. True story.)

Janet said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

granola_granny said...

I happen to know that WC has done some serious child minding for you lately, as well as, helping out in the kitchen while you've been on vacation. WC you really know how to woo a gal:)