Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Make a Larryboy Cake

1. Spend two months trying to convince son he'd actually like a different cake.

2. Discover son is even more strong willed than originally thought to be.

3. Come up with brilliant plan to have bakery do said cake.

4. Learn about Canada's rather strict copyright laws.

5. Pout.

6. Blog about it.

7. Decide to make cupcakes and put pictures of Larryboy on Popsicle sticks and stick them in the cupcakes. Thanks to brilliant idea from Mile Hi Mama.

8. Have blog read by father who is baker extraordinaire and Very Big Fan of his grandchildren. Very Big.

9. Let willing father make his grandson's cake.

10. Serve this masterpiece to a very happy birthday boy.

See, easy-peasy.

Thanks so much Dad!!


momofthecrazies said...

You're a Canadian Martha Stewart (but without the pesky jail time!)

Nicole said...

Wow, that cake looks great! So THAT'S who Larry Boy is. Finally I know!

Nicole said...
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Knittinchick said...

Wowzas! We all knew that Papa is talented... but Papa just took it to another level :-)

Spud... you are one lucky guy!

Char said...

Awesome!! And Brilliant! :)

Veronica Mitchell said...

Love it!

momofthecrazies said...

Yay, you put a picture up. Good job dad!!

Toothfairy Mom said...

What a wonderful cake!! If only Papa lived closer he would have a job. Well, only twice a year, but I would definitely hire him!!!

Lady Why said...

Your dad missed his calling! AWESOME cake!

granola_granny said...

Creating a fabulous cake for one's relative is such an awesome way to express love. It is also greatly appreciated at birthday parties.