Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Posts in a Week, It's a Summer Miracle


An actual phone conversation with my husband.

WC: Oh I am sorry, I wasn't able to dig out those papers you wanted. I got talking to G about stocks. For two hours. It was awesome. But then I had to go to work.

HG: That's OK, I'll just get them. Where are they?

WC: I think they are downstairs. Or maybe upstairs by the phone. They might be in the van. Oh, I'm not sure that they are in the van. Maybe they are in the car. (The one he had at work.) There's all kinds of places they might be. I'm not exactly sure.

HG: (While beating head against wall) Hey sweetheart, I'll just let you find them tomorrow.

So Auntie V, the papers will be in the mail as soon as Way Cooler checks all the places they might be.

My brother's wife is one of my favorite people. She is also the polar opposite of me. Thin, totally into fashion and her house is always perfect. Polar opposite. She's also a wee bit technologically challenged. So, her geeky sister in law has been happily introducing her to new ways to spend my brother's money websites she may not yet be aware of. First it was Etsy. Then Kelly's Korner (she and Kelly have daughters two weeks apart and identical taste in clothing, so she has bought several outfits that Kelly puts on Harper) and today I told her about Groupon. This is payback for all the times my brother locked me out of the house in the snow.


If you don't know about Groupon, and you live in or near a major city you really need to check it out. There are some really awesome deals. Awesome. Cheap shopping from the comfort of home. LOVE it.


My lack of blogging recently has generated some questions from some of you. I am fine. I just still have limited energy (apparently it can take six months to a year to fully recover from surgery this major, yee haw) and am choosing at this moment to spend my energy on two small boys with crewcuts, one of whom starts grade one in 14 sleeps.


No, I do not want to talk about how soon school starts. Thanks for asking.


While I do really dislike the distance my son must travel to school, there are lots of things to love about schools here. My son's school does not assign homework in grades 1-3 other than home reading. Which we do anyway. Wa-hooo. AND there is a really reasonable supply fee we all pay but then we don't have to buy any school supplies. No elbowing other moms for 15 cent glue sticks at Staples, no labeling of kleenex boxes, we just supply the backpack and lunch kit. It's LOVELY. So, I think I can forgive the nutty bussing system as long as they keep buying my pencils and allowing my kid to enjoy his afternoons instead of being forced to do worksheets at home.


While on vacation this summer I tried fish tacos for the first time. OH THE DELICIOUSNESS. I've seen a bazillion recipes online for these, but it's hard to know which ones are good and with Way Cooler if I introduce a new food, it CANNOT fail the first time or the experience will scar him from ever trying it again. So, does anyone have a fish taco recipe that rocks your family's world?

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Nicole said...

13 sleeps now!!! Okay, I'm pretty happy about it, anyway....

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

Hello, I am visitng you via the Conversion Diary. I understand about not wanting to talk about school, summer has definitely gone by too fast!

granola_granny said...

I think that you appreciate what you got(school user fees)once you see how other systems work. I love it when the whole class chooses to pay the user fees. There's something so sweet about 24 exercise books all the same size that fit neatly into a container.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Despite loving fish tacos, I do not have a recipe I can recommend. I feel like San Diego ruined me to make fish tacos at home. I'd rather just visit Southern California once a year and get my fix.

(That said, let me know if you find one you like.)

a Tonggu Momma said...


Heather of the EO said...

If I tried to make fish tacos at home, my whole family would probably die. Sorry I'm of no help to you.

But I LOVE them at a certain restaurant and refuse to eat anything else while there. mmmmm...

momofthecrazies said...

Oh where, oh where has the Happy Geek gone?
Oh where, oh where could she be?
With her sarcasm so great
And her wit so quick
Oh where, oh where could she be?