Monday, January 31, 2011

How To Make Salad Dressing, Geek Style

The following is a lesson in Geek cooking.  Read carefully and learn from me, oh grasshopper.

1.  Have husband make subtle hint about homemade dressing, "I bet you could make Catalina dressing. I don't think it would be hard."*

2.  Decide to whip up some salad dressing while making dinner.

3. Find reasonable looking recipe online.

4.  Try to figure out how the heck one grates an onion.

5.  Quickly discover that using a box grater will turn the onion slimy, but not at all grated.

6.  Try using your immersion blender.  It works.  With the added bonus of being tear free.  Your eyes will burn as if they are actually on fire and one or both eyelids will twitch convulsively, but hey, you will not cry.

7.  Add paprika.  Discover that what you thought was paprika from your spice rack was actually cinnamon sugar.

8.  Blame the twitching eyelid.

9.  practice self-control.

10 rinse out blasted cinnamon/ onion mixture and start again.

11. Follow the recipe correctly this time.

12.  Take dressing to husband for taste-test.  First words out of husband's mouth will be "this looks weird doesn't it?"

13.  Decide that all you need is ONE woman on the jury and you would NEVER be convicted.

14.  Practice self-control.

15.  Have husband pronounce it good.  Nothing like Catalina dressing, but he would still eat it.

16 Go finally start supper.

*The House of Geek has a very traditional division of labour.  It works for us.  Usually.   


Tez said...

AH HA! Not guilty by reason of husband induced insanity!

Nicole said...

I misread your title. I thought you were going to talk about GREEK salad. I have an awesome recipe for Greek salad dressing.

You know, this might sound weird, but I've been a little freaky about making salad dressing lately. Something about all the ingredients in bottled dressing has put me on this kick. I get more satisfaction out of making salad dressing than I do out of baking bread. I just feel like I'm doing something amazing. Anyway, I made a honey-dijon thing the other night and it was fantastic!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm with Nicole. I misread it at first. I blame that on my Very Greek BIL.

Nan | WrathOfMom said...

Me three on the misread.

Cataline dressing -- that's the pinkish one right?