Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Look back

I must confess, the news junkie in me loves all the year in review features taht happen this time of the year.  So, for your reading pleasure, 2010 in review at the hosue of Geek.

January.  It was cold.  It snowed.  Like all Januarys it was 385 days long.

February: It was not cold.  We lost most of our snow.  It was LOVELY.  The Olympics were on.  Canada kicked some major tushie.  I visited the ER with a child for the very first time which I do believe is a MIRACLE with the way my boys attack life.  Or in this case, are attacked by cousin's whose fingernails could have used a trim before they connected with my son's eye.  

March:  Sprout turned four.  I turned a lot older than four.  I found out that I would be needing surgery.  I ate a large quantity of chocolate.

April:  I cleaned.  And cleaned and cleaned some more.  If I couldn't control when my surgery date was going to be by golly I was going to control something.

May:  I went into the hospital feeling great.  I came out feeling as if someone had cut open my chest, pulled back my ribcage and took something out of my lungs.  Oh wait, I felt like that because that is actually what happened. I can't say I recommend this.  I spent the rest of the month throwing up and watching TV.

June: It snowed.  It was cold.  I was FINALLY allowed to drive again.  Spud finished Kindergarten.  He was quite disappointed to learn that it was not the end of his academic career.

July:  We vacationed.  It was full of family, friends, beaches, splash pads and LOTS of memories.

August:  We went for a drive in the country.  We went to a small town.  We decided we would JUST LOOK at some houses.  We signed the papers for a new house three days later.

September:  Spud started grade one.  We all cried a lot.  We picked out all the stuff for our new house.  Which basically consisted of us saying to the designer "whatever you think looks good together."

October:  I started the long process of rehabilitating a house that had been left to its own devices for several months. I cleaned a lot.

November:  The beginning of winter.  Nuff said.

December:  Advent.  Christmas.  It's all good.


Knittinchick said...

woo hoo to great little drives in the country! Looking forward to you living in a small town!

Tez said...

wait, what? You're moving? I so totally want all the details and I am excited for you!
How are you feeling, this few months post surgery?

a Tonggu Momma said...

How did I not know that y'all had bought a house?

momofthecrazies said...

I'd forgotten about the ER incident. Good times!

granola_granny said...

We just may have more chance of seeing you in the small town than in the big city. I'm excited for you!