Monday, September 17, 2007

I've got a confession

OK, so I am probably alone in this, I'm sure none of the rest of the world does this, and when you are finished reading this post, you may be finished for good, but here goes, "I don't take very many pictures of my kids". I finally got it out in the open. "Yeah right" you say, "sure you do." Let me prove it to you.

I took a picture of my sons this week and last I checked, it's the third week of September (sometimes the days all blend into one). Then decided to scroll back through my pics for a second. The next ones that popped up were of Spud's birthday party. Spud turned 3 in July. That's right folks, I did not take a single solitary picture of my two adorable sons for over a month. I can hear her choking right now!

Why? Why? You ask? It seems to be a broad combination of things.

1. We are not picture people. The first 5 years of marriage, we took maybe 10 rolls of film, 3 being from our honeymoon, and one of those rolls was all of the fish Way Cooler saw while snorkeling. I sometimes will finally remember to take the camera on an outing, to the zoo wherever, but then it languishes in my diaper bag as I can only remember to take the camera, not the pictures.

2. Spud did not smile much for the first 18 months of his life, ever. You can only see so many pictures of a sad chunky child before you begin to give up.

3. I take really bad pictures. Really really really bad pictures. If I was like her I might take more, but my pictures are more like something a cat might take.

4. Ever tried to take pictures of a 3 year old and 18 month old pair of tornadoes? Sometimes all you see is a big blur. Why waste film on a blur?

So there you have it, I take infrequent, sad, bad and blurry pictures. My poor family, if they want pictures of their grandkids, they pretty much have to take them themselves.

So, this is why I will never be mother of the year. Doesn't really matter, I wouldn't take any pictures at the awards ceremony anyway!


char said...

My friend, You are the funniest person EVER!!! I am quite literally laughing out loud! You should be published lady!! By the way, there are many ways that you are a better mother that "her" believe me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Geeky

(Thanks for giving yourself a name that I'll have fun with for years!)Thought I'd just pop by and say hi. Talk to you later!


PS 28 more sleeps...

Dawn and Dale said...

I agree!! VERY funny reads!!!

I used to not take any pics eaither...TILL I started a blog! Now I take pics of EVERYTHING...even things that don't matter!! lol