Saturday, September 15, 2007

Things Mommy learned at the zoo

This summer we bought a pass to our local zoo. We figured it would be a fun source of family outings and it has been a good value. The teacher in me also thought that it would be fairly educational for the boys in a subtle, low-key way. What I didn't count on was the lessons I would learn too. The following is what I learned following a recent trip to the zoo.

5. There aren't a lot of bathrooms at the zoo

4. They don't sell diapers at the zoo

3. Spud (37 lbs and size 6 diaper) can fit into Sprout's size 3 if you pull really hard

2. Always have at least 4 diapers per kid on hand

1. Don't feed Spud Raisin Bran!

Motherhood: it's always educational.


Alyson said...

Well, Well...welcome to the blogging world. keeping yourself a secret I see...a little birdy had to tell me that you existed....
I was going to shed a little tear when I saw how far down your list I was, but then clued in that it is in alphabetical order :) so I'm no longer insulted:)

by the way...I still don't own a cell phone!!!!

char said...

You are too funny!!! I am so glad you are here. Now I can hear from you every few days!!

Yeah, the zoo there isn't all it's cracked up to be, huh?

But I'm glad you learned a lot. Good for you!! Always looking at the bright side!! Haha.