Sunday, October 14, 2007

Easy Cookie Recipe For Kids (just not mine)

So, on Wednesday I went to Rocks in My Dryer for her "Works for Me Wednesday. " My cheap little heart was looking for more tips on ways to save $. (I eat those up like candy.) Something else caught my eye. JCK had an easy cookie recipe to make with your kids. That sounded so good as I was looking for ways to fill the days while daddy is away.

Unfortunately, I think she forgot some of the instructions. So, I have included the recipe that she posted along with the "missing" instructions which are in Green.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. You now must watch Sprout constantly as he is perfectly capable of opening the oven door at will. And thinks it's pretty fun to do so.

In a large bowl mix together: 1/2 cup of cooking oil & 2 eggs. Add the contents of one box of your favorite cake mix, dry just as it comes from the box. Explain 15 times to Spud what cake mix is.

Mix it all together with your hands. Note, if you try to get Sprout to do this he will scream and thrust his hands in the air repeatedly. There is no way he is going NEAR that batter. Spud will put his hands in but only to retrieve chocolate chips. **REQUIRED** It will be very stiff.

Can continue with your hands to add 1/2 cup or so of chocolate chips, nuts or whatever. If you add chocolate chips be prepared to hear "can I eat that chocolate chip mommy?" every 18 seconds until the cookies are in the oven.

Pinch off bits of the batter about the size of a tablespoon if you want large cookies, or more like a gumball if you want small. Watch out for Sprout who now has a old twist tie and is dragging it randomly through the batter. DO NOT take away the twist tie. If you do, well I warned you.

Bake about 10 minutes. Watch carefully, they bake pretty quickly. Top will still be a little moist when they are done. Remove immediately to a rack or to sheets of newspaper. Now until they cool you will hear "can I eat one now mommy?" "Are they ready yet mommy", "I think they're ready now mommy", "check again mommy." Fortunately for EVERYONE involved, they cool pretty quickly.

Some great variations are: chocolate cake mix & added chocolate chips & nuts. You can also use yellow or white cake and add food color for fun. Or white cake mix with M&Ms! Anything will work - that's the fun! Enjoy.

Another variation is to make them when the kids are in bed, skip the whole putting on a cookie sheet and baking step and add a glass of wine!

Thanks for the recipe JCK, they turned out really well and I will try them again, just not tomorrow!


manny said...

Char told me a few days ago that I must come read your blog!!
WOW, so glad that I did!!

JCK said...

You have managed to elevate the "Recipe Instructions Standard" on cookie making with kids to NEW & AMAZING heights! Thank you for the laughter. Sorry the "easy recipe" proved to be a BIT of a challenge with Spud & Sprout. However, I'm sure with your aplomb you'll be able to wing it when the kids are long as the alarm doesn't go off!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, and to think I was going to try this recipe with the girls on Friday. Glad I didn't attempt it (not that I'm sure it doesn't taste good or anything like that), I just don't think I could've handled the stress at this point!

Hope your day today is better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be a GREAT day (at least for me!!)


Janet said...

Yep, baking with kids= stress. Is it supposed to be a "learning experience" when mom is tearing her hair out and looking for chocolate ? :-)

Dawn and Dale said...

You can tell I'm on a diet!! When I read..cake mix and m&m's my mouth started to water like crazy!!! MMMmmmmmm.....