Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

It's blog action day. The topic of the year is the environment. But since I spent my day lecturing Spud and Sprout I am all lessoned out and want to tell you a story instead.

Way Cooler and I went to Texas in 2001-2003 so he could get his PhD. There was a great deal of studying involved during the year but precious little he could do during the summer. So, being the wonderful wife I am I told him to get a job.

Being the good husband he is, he did. Several states away. He worked for the summer at a camp in Kentucky. It truly was a wonderful job, surrounded by nature, on the shores of a lake, in the middle of some of the prettiest country I had seen since Vancouver.

It was a snazzy little camp, with really nice dorm style cabins, a fabulous meeting centre with state of the art sound equipment and video projection. It also had a fully equipped waterfront with a bunch of jet skis and waterski boats.

Oh, yeah, did I mention what they paid him to do? Drive a waterski boat. that's right, they paid him to teach people to ski and drive boat, not only that, they paid him well.

So, it was a great camp. They had 300 campers each week for 10 weeks.

When Way Cooler got there he noticed at meals they used Styrofoam plates, bowls and cups. At every meal. When he asked why they didn't use real dishes and just wash them (like every camp we had ever been at) they told him it was easier this way. When he asked about the environmental impact of throwing out 63 000 Styrofoam plates and cups a summer they said, "oh it doesn't take up any space at all. We burn it."

Apparently, there is no impact at all that way. Umm hmm.

Now that I've got Alyson cringing forever, go do something good for the world!


Alyson said...

yup...that is bad. I keep joking that we could put the used tires in the outdoor wood burning furnace....I mean, they would burn forever!!! ;)

you better tell me as soon as you know if it is a boy or a girl today!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

WHAT???!!!! I had almost clicked that little x to close this window and then I noticed Alyson's last sentence!!!

Are you having another baby??!!!! If so....this is news I had not heard yet....but CONGRATULATIONS if you are!!!

JCK said...

WOW, you've sure got me cringing. That is classic - don't worry, we just burn it.

I'm very interested in living MORE of a green life. I think that what we can teach our children now, and ourselves, will make a huge difference. Imagine if everyone did one thing every day. Like doing good deeds- they pass along and keep going. I am clueless that it was Blog Action day.

Is Happy Geek expecting? Or am I intruding into friendship territory? LOL

As far as the job Way Cooler (very clever name!)had for the summer...well, it sounds like he had a good warm-up for being a parent. Fun job!

happygeek said...

Happy Geek is not expecting, her sister had a baby this morning, details to follow!

happygeek said...
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