Friday, October 5, 2007

For all the hockey geeks

Lets just get this out there. I may be Canadian, but honestly, I just don't get our national obsession with hockey. Now that I've said it, I am going to hide somewhere.

Personally I think all sports (and exercise) is rather over-rated, but come this time of the year I feel a little alone in my opinion. There seems to be no shortage of die-hard fans, especially in their team is actually doing well. There are even blogs devoted to this fanaticism that quite honestly, I just don't get! Sorry Ryan.

Really, it's overpaid fellows skating around chasing a little black puck which they try to put into a net. There is also sweat, blood, and a great deal of checking. Come on now, wouldn't we all just rather watch "What not to Wear"?

Now that my poor husband will never read my blog again and Ryan is convincing his wife that she and I can never be friends again, I will say this. While there are better things we could do with our time, most of them we cannot do in Canada in the winter, like playing outside without frostbite, going for picnics, etc. etc., so I guess hockey is as good as a diversion as any. AND, Hockey Night in Canada is FREE. That alone gets my stamp of approval.

So tomorrow night Don Cherry fires up another season of ranting. The puck drops and the games begin. I now lose my TV (and husband) every Saturday night till June. But that's OK cause really what else are we gonna do?


Dawn and Dale said...

You'll be happy to know...that we are NOT hockey fans in this house!! lol ( we SORT OF get a tad bit excited when it's playoffs time and either Vancouver or Edmonton is playing....but other than that...there is pretty much NO hockey in our house!!) I'm sure that will change once the boys get a bit older!!

---HockeyDude--- said...

you're allowed to be friends with Char..I don't think I ever tried to break you two up !