Thursday, October 4, 2007

Have you ever wondered?

Before I had kids, I used to ponder world politics, why there is so much inequity, and what makes a truly great leader. My kids have effectively sucked all my working braincells out and now I ponder the following when I am having trouble sleeping at night

1) Why in a house full of colourful educational toys do my boys prefer to push empty tide jugs around my kitchen island for hours? They call them their orange cars.

2) We can send people to the moon, why can't someone invent a straw sippy cup that doesn't leak?

3) Why is it that children who can go several days without pooping will have several instances in the course of a lunch with someone you barely know in a restaurant without a change table?

4) Was Barney created by someone who really hated his mother and felt a need to punish all mothers?

5)Why is it OK for a 3 year old to listen to Bob and Larry sing for 8 hours straight but if mommy sings a line of a more contemporary praise song it is a fate worse than death for said three year old?

6) Do the people that tell me "Treasure these years, they grow up so fast" think that they are the 1st person to impart that wisdom to me?

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Anonymous said...

I know the answer to #5, but I won't say it because I don't want to be rude (hee hee!)