Sunday, October 21, 2007

He is the Pirate That Won't Do Anything

A couple of weeks ago Spud and I were discussing Halloween. After a little convincing he decided to be a pirate rather than Nemo as mommy has zero talent in the whole costume area plus she is a cheapaholic and could easily assemble a pirate costume for under 5 bucks, not so much for a Nemo.

So we talked about being a pirate, we looked at the movie trailer for the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (until I can repeat it in my sleep) and we practiced putting on the costume. I got the idea for practicing from Mary-Mia who is one of my mom-heros. She has the female version of Sprout times two. I can only imagine how tired she is, Sprout is enough to make me want to drink coffee straight from the pot. Anyway, I stole the idea of practicing from her and thought we would be set.

Last week we went to a scarecrow festival and we were going to wear our costume. Since we took transit there I did not put the costume on until we arrived. I got the pirate beard painted on OK, started to put on the pirate beads and began to hear "I don't want to be a pirate, I spud" over and over again. So, we tried the bandanna, even more protesting. There were even tears. So since putting on a Halloween costume is NOT a hill on which I am willing to die, or even climb, we proceeded to the festival with just our beard. The festival freaked the pants off of him so there I was pushing the double stroller of death with a sad bearded three year old begging to go home. I complied. Quickly.

Fast forward to this weekend and I (rather foolishly) decided that since once again Way Cooler was out of town I would take the boys by myself to the Boo at the Zoo. We talked about pirates again this week, sang "We are the Pirates Who Don't do Anything" and practiced putting on our costume once again. Once again upon arriving at the festival we had a heap of pirate sadness, "I not a pirate, I Spud."

So if you live in my area, be on the lookout for my three year old, who this year will be dressing up as himself. He'll happily take your candy anyway cause he's a pirate who don't wear anything.


Janet said...

Just let him go as a nudist....;-)

happygeek said...

Thanks. Clothes in public is a hill on which I AM willing to die and do so on a daily basis. Spud wants to know if he can come live with you:)

JCK said...

OH, I just loved this post. Especially the part about the bearded Spud without a costume.

This whole costume thing has been a journey for my BOY. He was the only child in 3 preschool classes who REFUSED to wear a costume for the costume parade at school. That didn't bother me, but he was upset and didn't even want to participate. So, that was hard. Then at a recent birthday party that was costume optional he refused to wear a costume and so I left his costume at home. We arrive, all of his friends are in costume and he cries for 20 minutes because I don't have his costume. That was REALLY hard. I felt like a really BAD mommy for not even thinking to put it in the car.

Now you know what's going to happen. Someday he will want to be a pirate and never take the costume off. Ever. "I no Spud, I pirate!"

Loved your creative writing on this post!