Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raising Men

Yesterday the wheels fell off the bus. It was a horrific day of temper-tantrums, screaming, whining, and the poop didn't hit the fan, but it was finger-painted on everything else. Way Cooler in one of his lesser sane moments when discussing the day with me offered to stay at home and I could go back to work. I kicked him off the computer and had monster.com fired up in record time.

This morning I decided to continue to run my home from home because I realized something important, amidst the constant discipline and refereeing I do, I am not just putting out immediate fires, I am raising men.

I have an awesome (and unbelievably scary) responsibility. My actions now, and every day of their lives will shape the kind of students, employees and husbands they become. They will learn to make their own choices along the way, but Way Cooler and I have been entrusted to raise and train two leaders.

When I look at it this way, the discipline doesn't seem quite so monotonous, the chores I ask them to do take on new meaning and I don't feel as stuck in a never-ending battle of the wills. All my work and prayer will (Lord willing) pay off as they grow up to be productive members of society.

Will they stumble along the way? Absolutely. Might they fall away altogether? I hope not, but they could choose to ignore what I am investing in them now, but that will be their choice in years to come. My job is to do my best now and trust God with their lives as they grow.

I am not just a housewife anymore, I am raising men.

P.S. As I was reading this post it occurred to me that it might come across as saying moms who go back to work aren't also raising their kids. Not in the least. We are all raising future leaders and we all have an enormous responsibility whether we are at home all day or just for part of it.


JCK said...

How right you are. Raising men. I like that. It is good sometimes to shift and look at something in a new way. And you did. Good for you! It made me think.

Alyson said...

such an awesome responsibility. I am in the middle of wondering why oh why!! God entrusted me with these kids when all I'm going to do is mess them up!!
prayer my friend...prayer

Janet said...

LOVE IT! And sooooo true. Our jobs are so important- they are forever.