Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Someone had a baby but it's NOT me

As some of you may know, my sister was pregnant. She gave birth to a son this morning!!!!!!!!! It's their first boy, (third baby). Tyler Allan Wesley _______. He is the smallest of her kids at 8lbs 1 oz. He is 22 inches long and everyone is doing just fine. Congratulations Alana, Dave, and girls!

Happy Geek has shut the baby factory down. Way down. I will blog about the reasons for it once I am done therapy, but long and short, 2 pregnancies, sick to the end in both. Two babies, both with really bad acid reflux. Spud cried pretty much for 4 months, everyone assured me Sprout would be so much better and I would then want 8 children. Sprout cried for 6 months. Way Cooler stepped up to the plate (thank-you babe) this summer and we are happily done!

Way Cooler comes home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly the grass is greener, the sky is bluer and the flu shots I took two children to this morning, all a distant memory cause Daddy is coming home!


Dawn and Dale said...

Congratulations Alana...and Auntie "geek"!!! ;)

My #4 was a super cranky baby too!! If he had been my first...I probably wouldn't have had anymore eaither!! lol (ok...so I forget quickly!!)


Janet said...

Congratulations, Auntie Geek. :-) That's a funny name. Your parents didn't like you much, did they? LOL!