Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dumb Vandals

I've been vandalized. Some punks broke into my garage and painted my van with invisible paint. That's right, my van is now invisible to everyone on the road but me. "Impossible" you say? How else do you explain the following:

1. There are no cars behind me for miles but someone makes a left turn onto the road I'm driving on almost exactly where I am, causing me to brake violently to avoid hitting them.

2. Last week a trucker in the lane next to me started to change lanes right into where I was driving at the time. Apparently the punks did not muffle the sound of my horn, so when I honked violently, he stopped changing lanes. Thankfully I can still be heard, just not seen.

3. Several drivers recently have driven so close to my rear bumper I can read the logos on their hats. In fact, my bumper was the only thing preventing them from joining my kids in the back seat!

4. A couple of weeks ago a group of pedestrians stepped onto the road (where there is no visible crosswalk) pretty much into the path of my van. I have become very thankful that the punks left my brakes alone or I'd have a whopper of an insurance claim this month.

So, do you believe me now? There really is no other reasonable explanation, I drive a mini-van for crying out loud, it's not all that inconspicuous.

Gotta run, I'm gonna go wash that paint off my Sienna.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

You scared the pants off me when you said someone vandalized your van. I thought "Oh that's ALL she needs right now!" My stomach still has a big knot in it. All that said, funny post. It's SO true!

Sue said...

Bwa ha ha

Janet said...

HEY! We have a Sienna too...and I think it's been vandalized too. I'm invisible on the road. Where DO people buy invisible paint, anyway? Oh, right. They don't BUY it, they steal it. Punks.

OTOH, maybe Siennas TURN invisible after you own them for awhile. Maybe it's a great big conspiracy! Alert the Pentagon!

KnittinChick said...

Try being in an economy car such as a Cavalier. Once had a trucker backing up in front of me... and a trucker behind me making a little knittinchick sandwick!

Invisibility paint must be everywhere!

Alyson said...

umm..can you tell momofthecrazies to allow me to see her sight? Can't get at it.

JCK said...

Oh, NO they are after Siennas!! I better go hide mine.

You are TOO funny. Although those sound like scary incidents that you made funny. Glad you didn't encounter any obstacles.