Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Kids Have a Great Dad!

Way Cooler is truly a great dad. I've known this from the moment he broke into a goofy grin holding our son for the first time. I was reminded how much he is willing to sacrifice for our kids again yesterday.

You see, I may be a cheapaholic but Way Cooler is um, well, how do I put this kindly, so tight he squeaks. Loudly. Spending too much money gives him hives. One of the way he tries to save money is by turning down the thermostat. WAY down. Penguins would be picketing for better living conditions.

We have been involved in a thermostat war for all 11 years of our marriage and I usually lose. I now wear fuzzy socks and grandma-type sweaters just to maintain a proper core temperature but yesterday I was able to go around without 4 additional layers. It struck me as odd. Sure enough, the thermostat had been turned up. I had never seen that before. I thought maybe the thermostat had malfunctioned. But no, Way Cooler turned it up. I wasn't even sure he was capable of this!

That's when I realized what a good Dad my husband is. We are potty-training this week (no, it's not going well, I don't want to talk about it) and Spud is not wearing pants this week for faster access to the pot. His dad was worried that he might be cold so he turned the thermostat up yesterday morning. Against all his money-loving instincts and tendencies he turned up the heat for his son.

That does it for me!


Sue said...

My husband is the exact opposite - I'm always fighting to turn it down, he thinks we should have it at 75 ALL THE TIME. Since we are not millionaires, I don't agree.

It was sweet of your DH to think of that. :>

Janet said...

Your hubby must be Dutch, like mine. :-)

I wear a sweater most of the day, although ours isn't as sub-Arctic as yours sounds. I think it's mostly me....don't tell my family I told you that.

Your DH is a dear to think of your poor little guy's bum. :-)

I don't envy you the potty training. THE WORST job in parenting, hands down.

JCK said...

That is sweet. Waycooler sounds like he's with the program. Aahhh...the potty training program. Such delights of the petite bottoms.

I wear fuzzy socks to bed this time of year, and I live in California, so you know I'm a wimp!

When you get a chance tomorrow, hop on over as I've tagged you for a meme.

char said...

I think 'Way Cooler' is just looking out for 'the boys'. Teehee.

It's funny cause I am becoming a cold-to-save-money girl myself!! Lol!!

I'll be praying for the training!!

Alyson said...

we have an oil furnace and can't afford to turn it on this year. SO my husband in HIS brilliance decided we needed an OUTDOOR wood burning furnace....notice the OUTDOOR PART?? Let's just say that I am the one home all day...and walking 70 feet out in the freezing cold twice a day to put a log on the furnace DOES NOT SEEM PLEASANT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

HOWEVER....we can have it 25degrees in here all winter and it won't cost us a penny!!!

Honestly...I would rather wear sweaters.

Sarah said...

What a sweet dad! My husband likes to freeze us, too!

Happy Thanksgiving.